The silence in-between the noise

Day 7 | EF New York

Sleepy. I think thats the word for todays blog. I don’t know why, but I got up at approximately 9:30 (and I went to bed early — in the morning). Therefore I was a bit tired the whole day. A reason for that maybe that I wanted to go to breakfast, later I’ve recognised that there is a brunch on weekends, so you can eat “breakfast” until midday.

After nearly falling into my cereals while eating, I went to my room to blog, because I got delayed a bit. While writing, someone kept playing the song Coming Home in front of my window. Saturdays are therefore really sad, because people go home on this day every week. Me aswell in already 2 weeks. I’m enjoying every second of my stay here. If something isn’t as you wanted it to be, just accept it and don’t be upset. It’s a short time of not getting what you want, but if you accept it as it is, it’s way easier. I got this out of a book called 100 Days Happier and I’m actually sad that I left it at home. But as I’m writing this now, I’m still up to it and am going to keep it up. Anyway. At like 2.30pm we then went to Tarrytown to eat something.

Salad in Little B’s, Tarrytown, NY

After a evaluation of some restaurants, we eventually decided to go to the Little B’s for a salad.

I’ve chosen grilled chicken and ordered some sweet potato fries. It was actually cool there, because you can fill out a list with information about how you’d like to have your salad. Thats pretty cool and you don’t have to eat something you don’t like.


Later on, we went to the beautiful Manhattan again. This time in direction uptown to the Central Park. We just got to the lake (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir) when the sunset was approaching. It was really intense and very beautiful. When you’re there, you forgot about all the noise from the city and you just listen to the silence and some duck noises. I really like that place, because you can relax (from all the shopping).

Strawberry Fields in Central Park, NY

After walking along the central park for some moments, we went to the Strawberry Fields. There were no strawberries but the John Lennon Memorial, which is actually named after one of John Lennons favorite songs. The name Imaging is also taken from a song of John Lennon and the Beatles which they used to play. It’s a very inspirational place, because when we were there, there were some guys playing the guitar and of course playing some John Lennon songs.

After this dreaming lesson, we made our way across Columbus Circle to the BestBuy shop to buy somethings. We waited way to long, but ok it was 10pm, acceptable. Actually, before we made it to BestBuy, we crossed by Bed, Bath and Beyond. In one of those stores was the birthplace of the movie Click, and as this movie is amazing — we had to do go.

McGee’s Pub

Then we crossed one of those places I’ve wanted to catch a view while I’m in New York. McGee’s Pub! Why? Because it’s the pub where the creators of How I Met Your Mother got the inspiration for the bar from! So awesome. I haven’t cried because the show is over or so. Cry. Okay.

Anyway, we got to the campus at like 2pm. On the way there, we saw some stunks crossing the street and maybe a racoon, too. They are super awesome, when you can see them hopping around like a rabbit. Because we haven’t had dinner yet, we went for some CupNoodles from 7Eleven. I’ve never had those before. For a price of 1.09 dollars, they are actually pretty good. And you don’t complain for food at 2am anyway. It has been super fun.

I think that’s it for today. See you tomorrow!
XO Yannick