When do we know something?

A moment out of my day

Today I got out of my cozy bed at 8am, which is in fact pretty early for me for a Saturday. But when you want to shoot some great pictures, that is the time to go. Or earlier, but 8am was pretty okay, for today.

So. I always look back for those moments in my life when I am walking down the street and have to smile with no reason. It is one of the greatest feelings and it shows me that this day has something special in it. Luckly, today is one of those days. The weather is really cold, but when standing in the shine of the sun, you feel the warmth and seriously cannot not enjoy this.

As I mentioned before, the reason why I got up and went to the city was because I wanted to shoot some pictures as I am totally into that currently.

When I was happy with the moments I picturized, I decided to go to this book shop which was only a few minutes of walking away. While browsing for interesting books, I found this one here.

English: “111 places in Bern you must have seen”

As you might know, I am living in Bern. Actually, in a suburb but I am always saying that I am coming from Bern. So when I am saying that you might assume that I know the city. That I know Bern. Well until today I thought so, too.

But while looking at a few pages of this book I figured out that I know almost nothing about Bern. But I want to, so I decided to buy this book. While talking with the cashier, she asked me she should wrap it as a gift. In that moment I figured out that she also assumed, probably because of my dialect, that I am from Bern and that I know this city. But no, I do not.

On my way home I had enough time to go over every page for a few moments. I have been to 25 of those 111 mentioned places before. And I can’t even say that I know those places. That is less that 1/4 of all those places mentioned. And I used to say that I know the city.

What is indeed interesting about this book is, that the one and only suburb that has its own “number” in the book is the one I am living in (yeah I feel kind of proud). So I guess I am supposed to know the village I am living in. Well, I do not feel like knowing the place, I am figuring out new things about it everyday, but it will probably never end with me saying “I know that place”.

If we look at this whole topic of knowing from another perspective, we can say that knowing is assuming that your knowledge about something is, in relation to someone else’s knowledge, more detailed. So whenever we are saying that we know something we are just comparing the amount of information we have in our brain about a topic with the information the average person is having in their brain about this subject.

I set myself the goal that I am going to visit all of those 86 places in Bern I have not been yet. But also then, my knowledge about the city will probably be more detailed that it is now, but I will not feel ever again that I actually know it. In fact, this makes it even more an interesting place to be and live.

Thank you for reading my blog ❤. I hope you are having an amazing day.

See you next time!
XO Yannick

I’m Yannick Pulver, 20 years old. I’m currently living in Bern, Switzerland. You can follow me by visiting my website yanu.me, looking at my pictures on Instagram, or read about my thoughts on Twitter.

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