Interdisciplinary Resource for Innovative Students (IRIS)

Let’s See The World Differently

Mission Statement:

We empower students to create solutions to open ended problems that are both innovative and value creating by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, instilling upon student the values of the entrepreneurial mindset, and providing them with the resources and support they need to overcome the challenges they face in their work.

We Connect Students to:

A Different Mindset — We believe that working across disciplines and approaching problems from different perspectives is what ultimately leads to original ideas. Through speaker and workshop events we hope to inspire our community to think outside their disciplines and work with people from different backgrounds. We will do this by exploring the meaning and value behind interdisciplinary collaboration and teaching the skills needed to effectively work in interdisciplinary teams. Furthermore, through these events we seek to instill in our community the values of the entrepreneurial mindset so that they can turn their innovative ideas into value creating work that will benefit their community.

Resources/Opportunities — IRIS is here to offer support and guidance for students as they conduct their work. Whether it be connecting them with mentors, information, or other resources, we make sure that students succeed in their work. And for those who have not had their “AH-HA” moment, IRIS connects them to real world opportunities so that students can gain real world experience and get their hands dirty in interdisciplinary projects.

Each Other — Interdisciplinary Collaboration is not a one-person sport. IRIS works to foster a community of students from all walks of life who are passionate about innovation and creating value for those around them. We envision a self-sustaining eco-system where disruptive innovation is the status-quo, where original ideas flow freely, and where students can connect with each other to brainstorm and launch new endeavors.

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