Adventure in Pittsburgh: Will Begin

The Cut, the Fence, and the Doherty Hall (Carnegie Mellon)

(This post was originally written on May 10th, 2017.)

I am a home person, at least to some extent. I came to Pittsburgh as an international student in the fall of 2014. The school work was quite busy, and I didn’t get too much time exploring here and there. Well, I could use that as an excuse and it kind of works.

But since I graduated at the end of 2015, I still stay in home a lot. The most places I’ve been to are my apartment, my company, and Giant Eagle in which I buy food. Although I like my life in Pittsburgh, I can’t say I actually know or understand the city I’ve been living for almost three years.

Several weeks ago in the middle of April, I paid Boston a short visit with one of my friends. Before we set off, I was so excited about the trip that I borrowed a travel guide from Carnegie Library and studied intensively about Boston’s history and its must-visit attractions. I seemed to have never experienced that kind of excitement before and, when looking back, I myself am not sure where it came from. Probably due to the naturally occurred excitement brought about by the “unknown adventure ahead”.

Several days ago, I started to reread a collection of essays by one of my favorite Chinese writer, Liu Yu (刘瑜). In one of the essays called “The New Yorker”, she wrote about her love toward that city: “但纽约不是一个地点,而是一场永恒的狂欢节”(“But the New York City is not merely a place but an eternal carnival.”), “它更像是一个邀请你加入舞池的女郎,要体会她的美和激情,你必须也要学会跳舞”(“It is more like a girl who is inviting you to the dance floor. To appreciate her beauty and passion, you must learn to dance.”)

That’s the point I realized how much I have missed in Pittsburgh: I’m living in one of the livable cities in the United States, and even in the world, but I have barely looked into its “inside”. Just like a man is living with a charming woman but remains single. I therefore decided to spend time traveling in this city, just like a tourist arriving here for the first time. And once I re-consider myself as a first-time-visitor, the same excitement I’d felt before for Boston arises again!

Thanks to Carnegie Library, I can borrow travel guides about local attractions. Thanks to Google Maps, it has never become this easy to locate a place you might want to visit. Thanks to Jeremy and Angie, the authors of the website Discover the Purgh, two enthusiastic explorers of Pittsburgh I have never met with, I believe the adventure ahead of me will definitely be filled with great fun!