By Yao-Hui Chua

We serve millions of buyers and sellers at Carousell. As a C2C marketplace, our users actively chat with one another before committing to a transaction.

We care about these conversations because they represent the lifeblood of our community. To support these interactions, we’ve gathered a team of engineers and designers to deliver a reliable messaging experience.

As part of this team, I rebuilt our chat frontends and picked up valuable lessons along the way.

Acing your front-end coding interview at Carousell

By Yao-Hui Chua

At Carousell, we’ve made it our mission to establish a world-class engineering team based in Asia.

However, it is tricky to design an interview process that evaluates engineers fairly, regardless of their history. The current state of the web is tremendous in scope; candidates who come to interview with us all too often have different kinds of expertise.

Thus, some of us from Carousell’s front-end web team have spent the last couple of months rethinking our company’s interview process. …

Yao-Hui Chua

Front-End Engineer @ Amazon Care

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