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Apr 29 · 3 min read

Dialogue with Walter Komarek ,co-founder of YAO Network: Blockchain empowers the world

In the view of YAO Network co-founder Walter Komarek, the future blockchain must be the infrastructure. If the blockchain is to be further developed, it is inseparable from the popularization and application of technology

How did you first get involved with blockchain?

Before Blockchain I was CEO to an angel investment institution in Malta, that was three years ago actually. Of course I encounter with this amazing technology while working on a project we were about to invest, I became fascinated. I mean to imagine a world with genuine efficiency and without cheat or moral hazard. That’s a life dream for financiers like me. I took this path years ago and never looked back. It’s a most interesting route and I believe is the correct route.

The most fantastic experience would be persuading people to believe in Blockchain and of course seeing more talents joining the industry. The way great minds encounters and tangles with one another, always makes people getting bumps.

What is your vision that makes YAO Network technically sound?

As a platform for the public infrastructure of the Baas 3.0 blockchain, YAO Network has made up its mind to be the cornerstone in the Blockchain world. The founding members of the team are almost always technical and international. Of course the founder of YAO is not surnamed “Yao”

So why is it named YAO?

YAO is interested in the word “YAO” in the Chinese classic “Book of Changes”. Reading “YAO” is the long and short cross-section of the composition of “Book of Changes”, which is the most basic symbol of the divination. “YAO Network is also providing the basic service module of the Blockchain. It is hoped that the basic service module provided by YAO will be used as the basic unit of the underlying facilities to build the entire Blockchain world.

The name YAO begins with the end, implying the original intention of the project and its vision for the future.

And I am proud to say that YAO is capable to support most of the major public blockchains and cloud services. Also we are launching multi-chain wallet soon, users can download our beta version right now.

Lets talk about Blockchain adoption. All of us in the community gets really excited whenever Blockchain is adopted anywhere and there is lots of adoption happening all around the world. What are your thoughts?

The dominating points would be Blockchain itself is still immature, still a very early stage and no past experience is available for reference. I think it would take up to five years to be commercialised. And there is no need to rush it, from my thinking, as you cannot force a baby to become Hulk in a day, right? We just have to give it time. Personally I think this IEO frenzy is really not helping.

I agree with you on this vision of Blockchain and I think anybody who has tried to explain Blockchain works has come to this conclusion. What aspects make YAO Network revolutionary?

YAO mobilises the power of the community to build the entire Blockchain service network by introducing token incentive models and more Blockchain communities.

Just like a service market, both developers and enterprises can choose the range of underlying services, middleware services, blockchain technology related content, contracts, etc. they need in this service market. A range of technologies from the bottom to the top can be customised and modular.

In short, YAO will connect enterprises, developers, communities and industry upstream and downstream participants in the future to provide a full range of Blockchain services, including: open Blockchain technology service platform, online and offline collaborative technology community. Blockchain cloud service market, diverse Blockchain technology architecture and self-driven content ecosystem.

In conclusion, most experts and leaders believe that the utilization of Blockchain will inevitably bring a technical revolution to various industries however cautious evaluations are still required. Blockchain is deemed as the most effective technical solution in the modern day to ensure transparency and transmission of data in an unalterable decentralized manner.

For more information, please visit:

● Website - https://yao.dev
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● Twitter - https://twitter.com/Yao_Network
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