Build highly customized AI technologies into home-sharing products and help our guests belong anywhere.

Authors: Shijing Yao, Dapeng Li, Shawn Chen

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What amenities are there in this image? Can an algorithm detect them all? How can we train the algorithm effectively? If you are interested in the answers, please read on!


In 2018, we published a blog post titled Categorizing Listing Photos at Airbnb. In that post, we introduced an image classification model which categorized listing photos into different room types and helped organize hundreds of millions of listing photos on the Airbnb platform. Since then, the technology has been powering a wide range of internal content moderation tools, as well as some consumer-facing features on the Airbnb website. We hope such an image classification technology makes our business more efficient, and our products more pleasant to use.

Image Classification is a sub-field of a broader technology called Computer Vision, which deals with how computer algorithms can be made to gain understandings of digital images or videos. Another related sub-field is Object Detection, which deals with detecting instances of semantic objects of a certain class in digital images or videos. …

Large-scale deep learning models are changing the way we think about images of homes on our platform.

Authors: Shijing Yao, Qiang Zhu, Phillippe Siclait

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Walking into our new office in San Francisco, meeting rooms evoke the variety of our listing photos in a search!

Airbnb is a marketplace featuring millions of homes. Travelers around the world search on the platform and discover the best homes for their trips. …


Shijing Yao

Staff Machine Learning Scientist @ Airbnb

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