Jeff Foxworthy Stand-up Comedy — Northern Lights Casino, Minnesota

Get tickets here for Jeff Foxworthy @ Northern Lights Casino, July 09, 2016

Obviously not someone with a sense of humor that sucks as much as mine does.

On the contrary, if you’ve not already guessed, it’s someone with an ingenious sense of humor, a perfect comic timing, a funny southern accent, and an entire stash of his beloved redneck one liners — it’s Jeff Foxworthy! (For best effects, read that in the progressively booming voice of a show host.)

Jeffrey Marshall “Jeff” Foxworthy was born in 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia to Jimmy Abstance Foxworthy and Carol Linda (Camp) Foxworthy. Having an IBM computer executive for a father, Jeff took the old route and followed in his dad’s footsteps by getting his majors in Computer Technology from Georgia Tech and later working for five years in IBM. But, he knew that being surrounded by computers wasn’t his idea of a happy place.

He grew up listening to endless recordings of comedians Bob Newhart, Flip Wilson, and Bill Cosby. He particularly admired Cosby because his humor didn’t rely on profanity to entertain people, a factor that even Foxworthy adopted when he started performing. After being encouraged persistently by his office colleagues, Jeff participated in the Great Southeastern Laugh-off and also won. Soon enough, he realized he needed to quit his job and pursue a legitimate career in the field of entertainment.

“Find something in life that you love doing. If you make a lot of money, that’s a bonus, and if you don’t, you still won’t hate going to work,” says the carefree, bold Jeff Foxworthy, who’s not only a celebrated comedian, but also the author of 11 bestselling books.

Oh, and I have a stack of facts to justify all the adjectives I’ve been using for him. His first recording, “You Might Be a Redneck If…” went double platinum and broke Eddie Murphy’s record. He has hosted a lot of popular shows, including Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?, The American Baking Competition, and The American Bible Challenge, and right now he’s a host on The Bucks of Tecomate. He’s a multiple Grammy Award Nominee and has contributed profoundly to the television and radio spheres.

Yes, I could possibly go on ranting about what a brilliant guy he is (with a consistent string of facts to support my rants, mind you), but this article needs a conclusion. Now that I’ve told you all about the tree, how about I sell you some fruits to give you a taste of all the fun, eh? The Northern Lights Casino of Minnesota will be hosting an open tent performance of Jeff Foxworthy on July 9 at 7 PM. All you need to do is Click Here to buy the fruits. Tickets, I mean. Good humor does that to you, you see!