Make America Rock Again Live — Oct 14 @ Dakota Magic Casino ND

Get your tickets now for Make America Rock Again Live @ Dakota Magic Casino ND on Oct 14,2016

If you follow the news updates related to the music industry closely, you’ll know that rock concert tours happen from time to time. Artists and bands who specialize in rock music, or any other genre actually, travel all over the globe sometimes for months on end trying to reach out to their fans who are spread out across nations. This is bringing music to your cities, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. This is how you can reach out to the bands and artists you’ve only heard about or heard on the radio. A music tour is definitely one of the most amazing things ever. Hundreds of artists, both minor and prominent, come together to make music happen. That, undoubtedly, has to be one of the most fascinating phenomena ever.

If you were to trace the evolution of the rock music, you’ll see that back in the day there were hundreds of independent artists and bands who contributed in a large way to the movement. And in the last millennium, rock music saw a tremendous unprecedented growth that stunned the world. But sadly, rock music has seen a decline in the recent generations. That could have something to do with the quality of bands and musicians that are dominating the industry now, or it could simply be that times are changing. But if there’s one universal truth, it is this. Rock music is an American phenomenon and if you really want to get a taste of what real America is all about, you need to indulge in a bit of rock.

Well, that is precisely what the rock concert tours are for. It is to bring rock and hip hop to the various nations and cities around the world and allow them to be a part of this magnificent phenomenon. And that is why the Make America Rock Again tour has been organized. The tour has one aim, and one aim only- to bring back the rock culture that is slowly dying in America. It is an attempt by the true rock lovers in the country to bring back what’s lost and make America see what real rock actually is. The tour is probably one of the best of its kind to have happened in recent years. Also, it would be difficult to remember when it last happened on such a large scale. This is a super concert tour and plans to cover the whole of North America. The artists and the bands are going to be covering forty two cities between August 4 and October 15 of this year. The artists would be performing live at Dakota Magic Casino on October 14, starting at 8 PM.

Wondering about the bands? Well, some of your favourite bands like Trapt, Saliva, Saving Abel, Fuel, Puddle of Mud, 12 Stones, Crazy Town, Drowning Pool and so on will be performing. We assure you, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and not something that you should miss out Mon. So come on, book your tickets here today, because they are literally selling like hot cakes!

Originally published at on August 31, 2016.