Having a sister for life…

We all have friends but some friends are special than others, friends you can not live without. They are like the precious treasure you can ever have in your life. You can trust on them.

I dont have a sister but god gave me a sister by heart her name is Najla.

It’s a long story, but in short i know her for almost 12 years of my life.. we went to ups and downs together but we still in touch.. we get closer year by year till she diagnosed on 2012 with Bone cancer and our lives has changed 180 degree.

But we are still best freinds and sisters..

We’re best friends because you love me even when I’m terrible. It’s easy to love someone when they’re doing well, it’s easy when there’s nothing but happiness and good vibes. The real challenge comes when everything is crap.

We’re best friends because I can take you anywhere and you’ll adapt. Whether it’s a party or a nursery filled with babies crying (i know you hate it), you’ll deal with it like a champ. I don’t have to worry about leaving you alone or keeping you entertained. You go do your thing. I do mine. Let’s meet back at the coffee in an hour.

We’re best friends because you never make me uncomfortable. I think about most of my friends and realize that they’ve made me feel in somehow weird at some point in our friendship. Whether it’s from an awkward silence or an off-color remark, I’ve felt unsure about them. Not you though. I always know that you make sense and that this makes sense.

We’re best friends because we can go for long stretches of time without talking and it won’t damage the relationship. We always pick up where we left off. Surfaces changes mean nothing to us. You could become a vegan, and I would still feel closer to you than anyone else. We don’t need common interests in order to connect. We don’t need a mutual love of music or sports or whatever to keep us together.

We’re best friends because you don’t get resentful or jealous if I got a new friends or land an amazing job. I mean, maybe you are and that’s fine :P. The important thing is that you keep it to yourself like a best friend should.

You’re my best friend because you’re not afraid to call me out on my crap or disagree with me. I can’t get away with anything when I’m with you. You’ll tell me things that I need to hear but everyone else is too afraid to tell me. Your honesty is so damn refreshing albeit a bitter pill to swallow sometimes.

We’re best friends because you make me feel less alone in this psycho, flaky world. It’s amazing how often you can feel disconnected from people. It’s amazing how many people can betray you, or fail to understand the words that are coming out of your mouth. When I see you, it’s a burst of reassurance that I’m not the only who looks at the world this way. There’s someone else. And that someone is you.

I know by heart when you read this youll smile and cry, I need you to do it for the sake of sharing feelings.. its ok.

I know youre in your hard times, but it’ll pass as always and youre courage enough to fight it like a champ and you always do.

I want you to know that you are my freind and my sister that i will never ever find someone like you..

There’s something deep down inside me, have a little piece of hope ❤

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