I Have A Secret Habit!

I have a secret habit…maybe it’s not a secret to the people who I worked with..

Which I believe after god, it is what made me who I am today..it’s what made me to achieve what I want to be today…

“I’m thrive to help others!”

I feel genuinely happy when they succeed!

Believe me medical students, interns, any specialty and any job in the world..being anything less than happy for others will block your own chance at success and happiness in life!

Remember giving is the key of rewarding and achieving in one way or another..

I'm not being ideal and no one is perfect after all I’m a human being I have my own desires and sometimes moody.. but I realize when seeing the positive experiences other ppl were having opened me up to the possibilities and the sky is my limit!

Helping others regardless of the type of help even smiling or simple acts.. means helping yourself before helping them out!

Last but not least, remember never ever compare yourself with others..no one in the entire world can do better job being you than you! ❤️🙏🏼☕️

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