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Humanity has lived continuously in a hierarchy since its birth. We have divided the society into classes and the classes into subgroups within themselves, forming the concepts we call alpha-beta. People, freely or unwillingly, accepted the class difference and maintained this hierarchic order until today. But what if someone wanted to get out of this herd? So if a man wanted to go his own way by getting out of the civil hierarchy, what would we call him? Here, this third male, less known in the society, is called sigma male; still known as the pastoral Alpha.

Sigma is a male anti-traditional person. It has rejected civil hierarchy. He doesn’t want to be the master or slave of anyone. It is like the shadow of the alpha male. It aims to stand out in the herd, not to be suitable. He can change his status in society or transfer between classes according to his interests. He can take care of himself for a great time, finally isolated from society because it is rational of what is happening and has a self-satisfactory nature. Nobody is an enemy or friend to death. He can spend time with highly contrary people in contrary places on the same day. He can get up with all kinds of people, but he does not lose his identity. While travelling with the king, he does not forget the people.

How Do We Understand a Sigma Man?

Sigma men have their ambitions. But these ambitions are not essential alpha ambitions such as mate, reproduce, have many females. It wants to produce, to try to to do what they do not do. They have practical or detrimental divine pleasures. These pleasures can have infinite variety, depending on the character and the time it is. He may have had beta or Alpha in his past. If he is tired of the alphabet or has an abstention, he may not want to keep the flag of the alphabet. He leaves this task to the alpha male or is an ally to him. He can give him a little advice, mentoring. To give an ordinary example from today: An alpha may ask him for tactics while telling sigma about the women he is holding on his finger. He can get advice for the lies he will fit into the woman he cheats. The Alpha becomes a loyal paladin that somewhat passively obeys orders. Sigma voluntarily assists in this state of Alpha because sigma male has a sleeping alpha inside and wants to observe the effect of his strategies on women. The only constant in life changes. We can be many people, from our birth to our death. By applying this plan on Alpha, he also avoids risk-taking. He knows how to benefit himself in every situation. He has a subject on which he can test his sneaky plans. It does not take risks and observe the results. Taking courage from his properly functioning program, he can do better himself. In my eyes, the best example of a sigma man is Lord Petyr Baelish in Game of Thrones, the so-called “Little Finger” character. This character is a sigma that destroys countries by using his intelligence in a world where swords swing, and arrows fly. But if there were a character of a production that is taking place today, it would be an alpha.

Sigma Male Characteristics

  • The most important feature of the sigma male is that he is the reserved Alpha. He can be a dynamic character like an alpha male if he wants. But he need not prove it.
  • As long as he gets what he wants, it is not essential for him to who is in charge.
  • His character may develop into beta or Alpha over time.
  • If he exaggerates the asociality, he can be confused with the beta male.
  • It has a symbiotic relationship with alphas. Sometimes sigma becomes the mentor of Alpha.
  • He has a dominant personality. It does not change quickly; it is not affected by the opinions of others.
  • Sigma man questions the rules of his society. He doesn’t like to say what to do. He thinks he will limit his potential when he follows the rules.
  • Silence and quality are life principles. People listen to him when he speaks because he speaks shortly. He doesn’t babble.
  • He doesn’t care about fashion and doesn’t like popular culture.
  • Because it relies on its aesthetic perception, he chooses what suits him, not what is imposed. Sigma male is like a street lamp shining among the moth butterflies. His mysterious personality is highly attractive to the opposite sex. Women cannot figure out what is happening in sigma’s head, and they go crazy. This attraction of sigma becomes involuntary because its purpose is not to impress women.
  • Sigma male does not like to stand out in society. He wants to mingle with people as much as possible.
  • But this difference makes it stand out. It is even a mockery material and can be excluded from the environment. But this sigma is not a defeat for men. Because they need not be admired and accepted
  • It can manipulate people easily. He can watch with pleasure the brawl that sets off people he does not like.
  • If he is trying to fit into society, know that he has an interest in it and is playing the right role.

The Birth of the Sigma Male

Until this last century, we were always classified as Alpha and beta because we needed a tribe to protect and trade. Tribe meant hierarchy. But with the advancement of technology, people were given freedom. Tribal rules were no longer required to bring bread home. Nowadays, he can get out of society; We can sail to new horizons, taking no orders or orders from anyone. We are in an age where lone wolves don’t die anymore. If you are good at what you do, you can earn money without face to face with anyone. (Appreciate the age of technology you live in.) Finding equipment and collaborating is now easier than ever. Think about ten years ago. Even making a simple transfer of money over the Internet would people like science fiction. Considering all these developments I mentioned, we see that this severe increase in the number of sigma men is not a coincidence.

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