The thing about snapchat…

While I’m young enough to have a snapchat account (and somehow have +3k points for using the app when it first came out), I’m also old enough to say things like “oh ya, I don’t really see the point of snapchat” or “now that Instagram stories is a thing, I’m noticing that people don’t snap anymore.”

That was until I recently discovered the other side of snapchat. The side that only frequent users will ever understand. The side where snapchat basically gamifies your social life and puts a score on your relationships.

Some of you may know this, so you can just stop reading now… but for the rest of you that don’t use snapchat and just don’t get it… I’m going to blow your mind (or at least make you nod?).

You see, when you talk to ppl on snapchat, you get little emoji symbols that mean all sorts of things. BUT when you talk to someone long enough, you get a yellow heart. AND then when you talk to them consistently for +2 weeks, you get a red heart (or something like that). And so on. You have to maintain this two-sided communication in order to maintain your emoji status and continue to unlock new levels of achievement in your relationship.

Genius, right?

When my coworker told me that his teenage brother sent him snaps of the floor just to show that he was thinking about him, we thought that teens these days needed constant digital communication to feel loved. They probably do, but now I realize (err, think) it’s really to maintain emoji statuses, and that’s why this behavior is so specific to snapchat.

How will a whole generation of Z’s abandon a platform that tangibly evaluates and reflects the strength of their friendships. Can you imagine the sh*t that would go down if Stella and Izzy went from pink heart emojis to the smirking face emoji? I can’t wait.

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