Them blurred lines.

Consumers are smart AF these days. They read up on everything.

I just looked up foods that are good for your teeth and found out about polyphenols. Now I’m planning a full diet around polyphenols. Isn’t that interesting? Food is no longer just food. Food is dental care. It’s also skin care, hair care, eye care, and mind care (ya, I said it.. mind care).

As consumers become more educated about the billion different factors that impact all the things they care about (ie their skin), they’ll start to look at the complete ecosystem in order to achieve optimal results.

For example, consumers are beginning to learn that it’s not one size fits all. Just because a certain face mask worked for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for all people — and similarly, just because it worked one day, doesn’t mean it will always work. There are a lot of different factors at play: genetics, weather, menstrual cycle, diet, stress level, and so on. The beauty brands that go beyond skin care, and integrate other factors within the bigger picture of skin care are the brands that will win (IMHO). Using wearables, apps, and machine learning… brands will be able to identify all sorts of patterns and suggest specific products or routines unique to a person’s situation.

But, that being said, it’s no longer just skin care (in this example).. it’s weather, data, stress, etc. Meaning, it’s no longer just for the L’Oreals of the world. Perhaps the next skin care winner is Apple, The Weather Network, or that random data scientist you ignored on linkedin (haha)? It’s anyone’s game now.