The Law of Reverse Effect

Well , this Psychology theory which was called natural law of reverse effect existed in our universe, which i think is true if I compared to what i have got in my life before.The Law of Reverse Effect is to state the gist of reverse effect or simply i could say the harder one consciously tries to do something, the more difficult it is to succeed.

Of course, this seems to go against everything which is logical, for surely the harder we try the more we should gain, not lose. We can make gains from hard work once we’re in motion, but the law of reverse effect creates resistance to get us moving in the first place. When we “try,” we gather our energy and push. Often, that energy seems being stopped against some Mexican wall and boomerang right back to us. All this serves to do is push us back the way we came. It’s like the old cliché: the dance of life is two steps forward and one step back.

The reason why I write this story is because life-changing moment in my life happened. It seems that all the things that I worked so hard to make it happened were burned into ashes except for the lesson that I got to evaluate and The things that i wanted but i didn’t want it as much as the former , i succeeded in that work

So how do we could overcome this things? First,it might be that your desire. Desire is strong energy and can cut through resistance like a sharp knife. Motivation is everything in life. You can’t even get out of bed without it! How much more motivated are we to get up in the morning when we know we’re going to have a great day with something special about to happen? If we don’t want to do something, however, our decision is weak.

When we really want a certain outcome, the Universe tends to honour our intention and get behind us. Making a firm decision does much to carry us forward. Just the act of choosing puts energy into forward motion. The stronger the decision, the more the Universe supports us and the less we experience that backlash. Conversely, the less certain you are, the greater the resistance will be.

It is not safe to say that if we want it less you are more likely to succeed because sometimes. But those thesis comes from the certainty that sometimes not proportionate with your willingness.I am sure some people could experienced this, so feel free to consider and try this if you feel the way i feel.

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