GaN Technology is set to Replace Silicon Technology because of its Superior Characteristics

Gallium Nitride (GaN) has a wide band gap and owing to its advanced features such as high breakdown voltage, high switching frequencies, enhanced power efficiency, high conduction and thermal stability, GaN is largely being preferred for numerous applications. These characteristics have enabled GaN power semiconductors to penetrate into various high power applications such as inverters for home appliances, inverters for trains, broadband wireless networks systems, power converter circuits, turbines, industrial and heavy electrical systems, and electric and hybrid vehicles.

GaN Industrial Devices Market Description —

GaN technology is set to replace the silicon technology because of its superior characteristics and increasing applications as compared to silicon. The properties of GaN allow its discretes such as FETs, HEMTs, Schottky diodes and other advanced power devices to operate at higher voltages efficiently. GaN industrial devices market is expected to progress in the coming years, with the penetration in the medium voltage power electronics market. The majority of the revenue in GaN industrial devices market is coming from the ICT sector because of increasing replacements of Si based devices with GaN. In addition, various RF devices used for communication applications are all being transformed to GaN based technology from Si technology.

Transphorm, GaN Systems, Texas Instruments, Freescale Semiconductors, and NXP Semiconductors are the major participants of the global GaN industrial devices market.

For the expansion of their businesses, the top companies are depending upon product innovation and mergers and acquisitions. Let’s take a look at the recent moves of the major players in the global GaN industrial devices market.

Transphorm Inc. is a California-based startup, operational in the semiconductor industry.

> In June, 2015, the firm stated that it has generated US$70 million in order to support the expansion of the market for its power devices manufactured using gallium nitride (GaN).

> In November, 2013, Transphorm announced that it is entering into an agreement with Fujitsu semiconductors and according to the agreement, they require to integrate their GaN industrial devices to supply power in huge commercial units.

GaN Systems Inc. is a leading developer of GaN power switching semiconductors.

> In July 2015, the firm announced the appointment of Kruvand Associates as its representative in several states of the U.S., namely Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, following the rise in sales of GaN power transistors, which replaced silicon semiconductors in power applications.

> In May 2015, GaN Systems made an announcement to upgrade its most successful range of E-mode GaN-on-Silicon high power transistors. The new equipment added to the range is the GaN high-power enhancement-mode device, boasting the highest current capacity in the market at 60 Ampere and broadening the array of power switching semiconductors by GaN Systems.

Why GaN Industrial Devices are Used —

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is a Texas-based electronics company that designs and develops semiconductors and sells them to international electronics designers and manufacturers.

> In March 2015, Texas Instruments launched an 80-V, 10-A integrated GaN field-effect transistor power-stage model, the first ever of this kind, named LMG5200 GaN FET power stage. The device has been priced at US$50 per unit. The device consists of a high-frequency driver and 2 GaN field-effect transistors in a half-bridge configuration. This setup is wrapped up in a 6-mm by 8-mm easy-to-design QFN package.

Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

Freescale Semiconductor Inc is an American semiconductor manufacturer and NXP Semiconductors is a Dutch semiconductor manufacturing company.

> In March 2015, Freescale Semiconductor announced that it has acquired NXP Semiconductors in

order to establish itself as the market leader in the mixed signal semiconductor industry. The American company has agreed to sell the Dutch semiconductor manufacturer’s RF power business that apply GaN HFET devices to address emerging high-efficiency, high-power RF applications, to an investment firm, owned by the Chinese government, in an effort to aid itself in gaining regulatory approval for its merger with NXP Semiconductors

Efficient Power Conversion Corp., International Rectifier, Renesas Electronics Corp., International Quantum Epitaxy, Cree Inc., Nichia Corp., and RF Micro Devices Inc. are some other prominent players of the GaN industrial devices market across the globe.

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