Welcome to the Vacuum (Metaverse Introduction)

Welcome, stranger! I see you’ve taken an interest in understanding the history of our world, how it came to be, what it is… and why you’re here. You’re quite fortunate to have met me, then, for I have much to tell you! The name’s Len, by the way.

Lendelwick, Grand Archivist of Rumeria

While many cosmic worlds have been emerging, with each having its own set of stories, worlds and characters, there was another, ancient world, hidden away amidst the dark, cold space.

A world like no other, one that defies the laws of physics, reason, and any logic. A world we’ve come to call… Vacuum . Odd name for a world, is it not? Well, there’s a good reason behind that. You see… ever since the first recorded history, there has been a strange cosmic event that affects our planet, one where the sky tears apart, shredding like tearing fabrics of cloth, only for someone… or something, to come from the other end.

Stories from those who came from the other end of that strange anomaly have always said that they were minding their own business, when suddenly they’d find themselves sucked into our world, with no explanation so far. Many historians, scientists, and even those gifted with the arcane arts, have yet to uncover the mysteries behind this event…

Nevertheless, fret not! While terrifying to experience, this anomaly has also been the reason behind our world’s prosperity, and diversity. I’m sure on your way to this tavern you’ve seen at least three different species, and oddities that typically could not exist with one another. It allowed for great civilizations to be built, and wondrous technologies, creations and advancements to become a reality! Unfortunately not every visitor is happy about this, and sometimes we’d end up with factions at each other’s throats.

When the first faction wars emerged, it was… catastrophic. Millions had died, and whatever record of it that’s left proves that the world needed at least two hundred years to recover. It was then when the first World Summit occurred, and the great leaders of every faction gathered there, with the final decision of spreading across the world, and created their own nations. Each nation still has its own factions, but at least this kept things… more peaceful.

Now, don’t think for a second that this peace remained intact for long, haha! It unfortunately did not… but at least wars are far less common, and we’re enjoying some form of peace. For now.

In any case, dear stranger, I’m ordering you a meal, for this story is long, and I have a mountain of information to help you!




P2E Gaming Company — get ready to sail together, me mateys. Check yarloo.io for more information.

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P2E Gaming Company — get ready to sail together, me mateys. Check yarloo.io for more information.

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