What ‘Starlene’ can teach us about silence.

The concept seems a bit silly.

A mime breaking character to start a vlog. In costume. This was a risky move on everyone’s part to begin with, but in the end it’s all worth it. Lots of ideas started out silly, but somehow it had nothing to lose. An nuclear family having to deal with everyday hijinks with an Alien Life Form? (Obviously, that’s ALF). A show about the day to day adventures of a mysterious man and a talking car? (Knight Rider). A show about former Vietnam veterans having to save everyday lives (A-Team)…..

Like with “Tears of Joi”, Starlene is about maintaining a positive attitude in a world full of negativity. She’s seen a lot, and she can’t remain silent about it anymore. And I want to explore more about her identity in Christ and how she copes with who she is as a mime.

You’ve heard the expression, “Silence is golden”. And I’ve been taught that silence is golden when it comes to dealing with certain circumstances. However, that’s not always the case. In times like these that we are living in, especially when it comes to the cultural and political divisions that we are seeing in terms of conservatism vs. liberalism, black vs. white, et cetera, sometimes saying something is better than saying nothing at all. When you watch shows, classic TV shows like the Twilight Zone, you might think this is just a silly little sci-fi show, or when you watch a horror or thriller movie, it’s actually saying something about the climate that we are in without saying it overtly.

Throughout my time on YouTube, I’ve found myself saying more than I’ve imagined when doing YouTube Poops, whether its commenting about the overt commercialism of popular culture, or criticizing the media for relying more on sensational tricks to get the viewer’s attention. “Starlene” as well as producing “TV Guidance Counselor” is the next step in the evolution of RET Worldwide.