Are you afraid to die… the laughter you’ve shared, the love you’ve witnessed, the warmth that runs through your veins pumped beat after beat by that thing in your chest. If you were to cease being, to become was instead of is, what scares you most? Why are you afraid? Would you prefer to live forever, to never reach the end of the story?

Well yeah of course I’d prefer that

We wake up every morning of our lives, it’s true. We wake up and see the sun and we know it’s a brand-new day in front of us, there are things to do and people to see, why are you in a rush to leave the house? What’s the point in doing your make-up and hair today? Why are you spending all that time with your partner? Is it the not existing part that scares you, the part where you are no longer conscious ever?

Yeah that scares the crap out of me

So, before you were born, were you sitting there not existing thinking “ahh where am I? why am I not existing? What’s happening!??” of course not, you were born and only knew of life. You learned of death/non-existence perhaps years and years into your childhood and since then it has scared you.

…fine well do you hate the fact that one day you will not exist?

We know of death, we know that yes sadly to many people one day we will pass away and we will cease to exist, does this not give you some kind of drive to live the being you currently hold? Re-read the second paragraph… What’s the point in the rush? Looking good? Feeling good, doing what we want? If we did not have an expiry date we would not make the most of our time.

Yeah, I would

Would you? Would you feel the same way towards your loved one? If you had infinity more days ahead would you rush to that job interview or would another one come along at some point, if you lost that beautiful boy/girl it’s fine another one would come along in a hundred years. The word “Life” wouldn’t have any meaning to it if it didn’t oppose the word “death”. We owe everything we are as humans to death itself. The forwarding of humanity, the speed in which we learn and grow. We are not a stagnated collective of individuals but a vibrant, active and loving species due to our rebellion against the force of death. Never fear death, fear not living. When loved ones’ pass be thankful for the lessons they taught and the wholeness in which they accepted life itself.