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did the writer research why someone goes solar or did he just want to write a clickbait piece?does he think that people in CA increasingly go solar out of political conviction,or because they crunch the numbers and they make sense?Solar is potentially a 15–30k discretionary addon (usually) to your house that may take anywhere from 5–15 years to break even.(presuming you buy vs lease).The ROI in Mass. is ~ 12–14%.But this presumes you have the right unshaded roof,that you plan to remain in that house for some time,and that you have no other pressing financial uses for that cash or credit.If a Republican in some treeless commuter development who has a killer electrical bill for his a/c and his pool sees his neighbors to the right and left of him installing solar it’s not rocket science to ask those neighbors what’s the deal.The number one reason people do solar is not to save the baby dolphins.It’s that they see their neighbors doing it on houses identical to theirs,to save money.And as to the federal tax credit?Fine,do away with it just as long as the price of fossil fuel generation includes the external health costs and climate costs,estimated at $.15 and $.09 per kwh.

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