I am Amal fellow. The purpose of writing this blog is to tell you and many others about my work of just start project and to tell you and other fellows about some great experience of one of the greatest man of the history named ABDUL SATTAR EDHI sb. It’s actually my weekly project and am new active user on medium and from now on inshahallah I will post every week some thing on medium and this will continue for at least 5 upcoming months.


Abdul sattar edhi one of the greatest personality of this era, the ideal man who only thought about the humanity who served the poor the needy the orphans the widows and all other person’s whom no one had helped. Edhi sb was a great man, from the start of his childhood to the death and even I must say after the death he helped others because before he died he said that “ When I die donate my eyes to the one who need” Because it’s a scientific fact that eyes remain working and live for several hours after the death of a person. So Abdul sattar edhi donated his eyes to the needy one. When he was child he helped a beggar for six months daily by his own pocket money. From this activity of “JUST START” he worked and progressed a lot. His mother used to give him two paisas and one paisa he donate daily. He provided humanity a great servant. He at the first opened a dispensary and worked day and night at that dispensary and provided the other people a great service. From one nurse to the thousand from the one blue old used wagon used as ambulance to the thousands ambulances. That all was due to the one reason that he “JUST STARTED” the project and after that he learnt a lot and also doing “KHUDI"

The following is the great autobiography of the Edhi sb who says that my parents was small farmers who always fight on the potty disputes have potty issues like the past people had. But he became the great leader that was also just due to his mother and his family because it’s not easy to devote the life for the humanity. It’s never easy to devote the life for the sake of others happiness. It’s never easy to live for others as it is said that

اپنے لیے تو سب ہی جیتے ہیں اس جہاں میں

ہے زندگی کا مقصد اوروں کے کام أنا

Abdul sattar edhi was such a nice man that on Eid he put the money in envelopes and just rang the bell drop the packet from window and ran away. This shows how great he was that he don’t even wanna know others that he is helping them and the passion and love he had with helping others is quite awesome.

He always search for the poor to help. I must quote some stories that I just searched that once some robbers robbed Abdul sattar edhi and asked him to have them all the money but after that one of the robbers recognized him and requested his other fellows to leave Abdul sattar edhi. On a question that why we should leave him? He answered simply and worthy that when u will be killed by police and even your parents and family will stop recognizing you He will be the man who will do all the funeral activities of yours.

The other story is when Abdul sattar Edhi was invited on a lot of seminars ceremonies and other many such occasions he said the golden words that “ I request the people to not invite me to the occasions as a chief guest because it always wastes my time which I want to spend by helping others. This really shows how great personality he was and how much extent he was sincere to work for the other people”


The thing am planning for is guide my juniors as there are a lot of students almost 42000 giving ECAT this year and most of them have problems because some cannot afford academies while some others beside of joining academies cannot understand well so I wanted to make a group and help the students for ECAT. The very first step according to Amal was just start project . I get my self motivated after the first session I attended in Amal and decided to start the project. So first of all I took the first step and made a group and than posted the link of the group in the other groups and requested my friend to make it public. In a very short time, it grown and I start helping the students by solving there queries by solving there issues by providing them notes by solving there questions for just free of cost and without any other demand. The students started praying for me and I really felt happy that am helping others and the way they gave me prayers and respect me was more than awesome and great experience for me. In a week Alhamdulillah I have solved the problem of almost hundred plus students and one of my student just by three days if preparation from me and taking tips from me got admission in institute of business and management department UET Lahore. That was quite awesome that she said that I am the only reason of her better future and she will remember me in prayer fair the whole of her life and so like for the other students they also praying for me and am helping them.

So I recommend all of you that if you are planning for something from long time and had not done yet than go for the EDHI sb quite and just start the project or your work and after that inshahallah you will have the work done.

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