Internet of Things — The way I understand it
Mitch Seguin

There is a very huge need for an open standard. The http equivalent for things. Any thing should be able to query other things (with wifi, bluetooth, mesh) over what it can do, as in what interfaces it implements. Each interface will expose what it can do (methods) and what data is available (properties, data streams, audio streams, video streams, events, alerts). All using the right security so no stranger can turn off your lights or access your payments.

If producers of equipment implement and publish standard interfaces, home systems (like jibo) are able to turn on any light for you, switch on TV’s,open curtains… If websites and physical shops would implement the same interfaces, it becomes indeed possible for your phone to get the local menu and order your favorite the moment you enter the shop seamlessly.

It’s gonna take a while. I’ll wait with buying until this standard war is settled.

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