Business and life is f*****g hard.

Business and life is f*****g hard.

And then you die.

At least thats what successful athletes and Olympians believe.

These ultra athletes know that when things start getting tough, they are in rare territory.

That is when they know that they are in the company of champions.

When they know that the game is truly on.

Successful people/leaders/entrepreneurs welcome tough.

It is what drives them to success.

And if you want to join that rare collection of successful entrepreneurs, then it is a lesson that you need to take to heart and commit to.

Expect that things will be hard as hell.

Plan for the struggle.

Plan for the fight.

Plan to conquer the highest, most dangerous peaks

It is the cost of staying in the game, of achieving the impossibly hard, and often amazing things.

Success is hard.

And stays hard.

As a entrepreneur, you have to commit to being harder.

To being tougher.

To being more determined.

To be successful you have to accept that tough is whats right.

Not what’s wrong.

The road being easy is absolutely not a sign that you’re getting results or doing anything that matters.

It might actually mean that you are stuck in your comfort zone, That you might not be pushing yourself as hard as you need to be.

That you are just going through the motions.

Expecting things to get easier in your business?


Not tomorrow.

Not next Week.

Not next year.

Not the year after that.

Not ever.

If you are, then you are expecting the wrong thing.

For the last 2000 years, athletes who have competed at the olympics, have entered the arena and heard these words:

“Ask not alone for victory, ask for courage
For if you can endure, you bring honor to yourself.
Even more you bring honor to us all.”

The same applies to your business and life.

Business and life needs to be tough.

If it is not, you will never be in a position to push yourself to be amazing.

You need to really hurt.

You need to really cry.

You need to be in that place where you beg God/the universe whatever to make the pain stop

And when you are in that place, you need to find the courage to push past the edge, through the chaos, to find your purpose for fighting.

Embrace the toughness of business and of life.

Embrace the struggle to push past the hardness.

If you can fight through the loneliness and fear, you will find that you have all that you need to be successfu

Yaseen Dadabhay has spent over 24 years building his family business into a Multi-Million Dollar Company, as well as leading HR for a $10 Billion Multi-National Company. Feel free to also follow him on Facebook.