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How To Gain A Reputation For Honesty And Integrity

Yaseen Dadabhay
May 19, 2013 · 2 min read

In order to be a leader, a person must have followers, and in order to have followers, a person must have their confidence….. thus the supreme quality for a leader is unquestionable integrity. Without integrity , no real success is possible.

Develop moral courage:

Moral courage can be said to be the base on which integrity rests. With moral courage , you will be capable of standing up for what you know to be right, to know when and how to do the right thing, regardless of the consequences, and to be able to accept the blame when you are wrong. Have strong moral courage and you will be respected by all.

Practice truthfulness and honesty at all times:

The corporate world is littered with the corpses and remnants of people and companies, who thought they could misrepresent the facts, or cover up problems and get away with them. They could not. They tried, and were caught. So will you. And when you do , you will lose credibility instantly.

You need to guard against white lies too – they often are the crack in the dam wall , waiting to burst apart ….

Take a stand for what you believe is morally right

General Norman Schwarzkopf got it right with his 14th Rule of leadership … ‘Do what’s right’ : You should never ever compromise your moral standards; never have to prostitute your principles. Have the courage of your convictions, for your stance in a situation where a tough decision is required can point the way for an entire group.

Practice what you preach:

You need to practice what you preach. When you tell your staff what to do , you need to lead by example. Do as you say. If you don’t, neither will your staff. They wont listen if your own actions are different than your words. You need to constantly be aware of, and be making sure that your behaviour matches and mirrors your professional attitudes, and the high standards set down by others in your organisation. Follow the rules of your organisation, or no one will.

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