How Many Grafts You Require for Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant In Gujarat is like a revolution in the field of hair restoration treatments. This is the only available surgical procedure that provides a complete cure for any stage of the baldness. Whenever the patients wish to have the hair transplant surgery, most of the time they are confused about the surgery. However, the experts at the clinic try to satisfy them by giving suitable answers of their questions but still, some of them feel hesitated. Many of the patients ask about the exact number of grafts needed for hair transplant surgery. Actually, the exact number of the grafts needed is based on the stage of the baldness you are at.

According to the experts, there are seven main stages that decide the severity of your baldness problems. If we look at these stages, the question about the number of grafts can be answered easily. In simpler words, if we are at the initial stages we would not need a larger number of grafts but if we are at the advanced stages, we need more grafts to cover a larger bald area.

Let us know in brief about all the seven stages of the baldness problem

Stage 1:

This is considered as a healthy and fully natural stage. The hairline is full and there are no signs of baldness on the crown of the head. At this stage, if the person just needs to care the hair properly. There is no need for special steps.

Stage 2:

This stage shows the first noticeable signs of baldness. The patients observe a gradual receding hairline. The first thing you see in the mirror is the start of building an ‘M’ shape pattern at the front. At this stage, hair loss is not considerable and if you see a doctor, he may suggest to you that you take some medicines with a proper diet plan.

Stage 3:

Actually, this stage should be called baldness stage indeed. The recession is deeper on the temples or the temples are totally bare. The hairs at the crown are thinner and look lifeless.

Stage 4:

Hair loss is clearly seen on the temples and the crown and a bald spot appears at the back of the head.

Stage 5:

Stage 5 is considered as severe hair loss. Hair loss at the temples and the vertex is clearly noticeable.

Stage 6:

The hairs from the head are completely gone except the hair on the sides of the head. It seems like a horseshoe shape on the top of the head.

Stage 7:

The horseshoe pattern is extended to the back and the sides and the top of your head are now totally bald. This is the most severe stage of baldness at which healthy donor hairs are not easy to find for the experts. At this stage, hair transplant is possible only if experts may find sufficient donor hairs on the head.

As we see the conditions are more severe at the advanced stages and then, it is tough to get sufficient donor hair supply. Some experts say that before thinking about the number of grafts it is more important to check that you are a suitable candidate for the transplant or not. After that, the experts may decide a correct number of grafts for you. If you in search of a good hair transplant clinic that can guide you about the number of grafts and the cost of the treatment, you may visit the Avenues clinic for the Hair Transplant In Gujarat.