A typical competitive programming contest.

An efficient way to start with the sport of competitive programming.

The fame and acknowledgement of competitive programming is growing exponentially with time and experienced programmers are getting more proficient and beginners are learning at a brisk rate.

In this environment of cut throat competition the modus operandi of preparation , learning and practicing holds the paramount importance.

With plethora of content available on the internet , correct and smart selection is necessary.

GeeksForGeeks is an integrated platform that provides a solution for the learning and practicing part of various topics.

Programming community is quite familiar with the tutorials of various DS and algorithm paradigms of GeeksForGeeks but it has also provided an extended functionality for maximum learning and that is http://practice.geeksforgeeks.org/ .

Practice sub domain of GeeksForGeeks is the best way to apply the concepts that you have learned , ranging from beginner to hard level , problems on practice sub domain are mainly targeted for novice programmers so they can learn up to their full potential.

Features that makes it different from the rest-

  • Visibility of test case -> Suppose a programmer is stuck at a problem which he can partially solve but some test cases aren`t passing the judge , so those test cases can be seen and analyzed .
    This feature helps the beginner to learn new things fast instead of debugging.
  • Expected output-> We can verify the output of our own program against the expected output ( that output which the online judge wants ) .This feature can help us in analyzing the correctness of our logic.
  • Hide/Show tags-> By default the problem tags are hidden but if a user wants a hint then he can see the tags by clicking on show tags and proceed accordingly.
  • Direct problems-> Instead of long story like problem statements direct and concise problem statements are used so the user can get to the problem fast.

- Diverse classification of problems-> Problems are classified into

-School level problems

- Basic

- Easy

- Medium

- Hard

- Company wise coding problems- sets of problems exist asked in various companies.

-Topic wise coding problems- sets of problem of major topics.

Apart from practice for competitive programming it also offers an assortment of subjective questions on various technical subjects and coding .

All in all it`s a complete package to start with the sport of competitive programming and to brush up your skills.

Various other platforms also exist which you can practice on after you have honed your basic skills:

  • Codechef
  • Spoj
  • Hackerrank
  • Hackerearth
  • Codeforces
  • Topcoder
  • Uva Oj
  • Timus Oj
  • Lightoj

Though there are various resources and methods at the end of the day it only matters how hard you have practiced.
Happy coding.