Top Custom Web Development Framework Techniques that You Must Know

Yashraj singh
Jun 21, 2019 · 5 min read

Web developers nowadays are constantly working on updating their knowledge to expertise and master the techniques of custom web development for an enhanced website which is a challenging task.

In today’s world where more and more developers are thriving and working hard to make their websites stand out odd among the clutter. You must hold hard your grip on most of the web development and designing techniques which have been in the last few years. It’s time for you as a web developer to up the game by equipping yourself with the exceptional cutting edge technologies available in the field.

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In this blog, we’ve mentioned the top 9 web development techniques and trends to showcase the evolution of technology and web creation tools.

The Domination of the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things appears to have accomplished its motive in a very short time span of just a few years. The integration of the Internet with many day-to-day facilities like kettles, electric appliances, cat food feeders, fire alarms, and other things have made our life so easy that we can now control everyday objects with our smartphones or any other online portals. With the increased popularity of IoT, it has become more important for the modern web developers to learn to design applications that can be used to display the data of the device.

A Powerful Web Development — Rails 5

Just like angular JS, Rails 5 was released in min — 2016 and since then it has dominated the competition in the world of web development. The offers and benefits that it offers are very tempting for the developers who hold the potential to change web development completely, in the upcoming years, Rail 5 is expected to make new records in the world of web development by introducing new features that are been awaited by its users. There are many features that it offers currently. Some of them are;

  • The creation of API enabled applications has become a lot easier, as well as their integration and pairing with JavaScript frameworks.
  • Additions like turbolinks 5 and actionable are quite appealing for the program.

Replacing stationary images

The use of moving images and UI has now become a trend that most of the websites are following. Let’s admit it, 2-D web pages are quite boring and outdated. In today’s world animations, GIFs, videos and motion UI have become an essential component of modern websites. CSS patterns also work with almost all types of JavaScript animation libraries.

Influenced by this, web developers have started working on high -quality animation and custom edited short videos to lift up the website they develop.

Adaptation of Conversational UI

Conversation with the business brand makes it a lot easier for the audience to establish an interactive relationship. One another responsibility of the top web development companies is to make sure that the communication between customers and the company is fruitful, appealing and effective. And web developers can easily make that happen by using conversational UI technique. Interactive chat boxes and conversational pop-ups have started to appear on many known websites. Today, the interaction with people of any website is easier than ever. For your website, you can hire custom web development companies to provide you many web development services which an individual web developer fails to offer.

Module and Material Designing

Websites which offers modules and materialistic designs appear to be more promising and useful and becomes eye-catching. This same technique of designing can be used to make an application as well and is worth giving a shot. Modular designing is one such new trick that can help developers in getting ahead of the curve with ease. If you use standardized design and centered code than you can make nearly every component of your website ‘modular’. On the better hand, the use of material designing can make the app more functional with ease of usability thanks to different components and patterns.

AI-based web development

There is no developer who hasn’t heard of Artificial Intelligence. It has become an essential tool of web development for most of the web developers in the market. Web development through AI is been escalating nowadays because of the availability of essential tools and guides. AI can be used by web developers in a very innovative manner in the creation of websites

After the use of AI, all that a web designer should look after is branding, layout, content, and color scheme to create a very stimulating website.

Angular — A Gem

In order to avoid simple or mundane tasks, and get straight into their work the first thing that most of the developers do is to use web development service framework at a very early stage of website development.

Angular is one such modern web technology which is designed specifically for dynamic web applications. The creation of first end web applications is pretty easy with this framework and there is no need for any other framework or plugin to use with this framework.

Some of its features are well-made templates, code generation, MVC architecture, code splitting, etc.


If you want other developers to use some of the functionality of you’re your website without sharing the code then you can use an API for this purpose.

An API (Application Programming Interface) can control the whole internal access with an API key while endpoints are exposed by the developers.

Many famous companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter create well-made APIs for their web services.

Focusing on the user

The habits of most of the users do not vary from what web researchers see in the sore. The basic mindset of most of the users nowadays is to look at every new page and take a bit of information from that and moving on the next page. Besides the fact that they ignore a large amount of information displayed on the site.

Most of the users usually look for entertaining information on a website which should also be meaningful to them. If the information is not able to keep their interest then they might click back or continue their search. The ultimate demand of the users is quality and reliability.

Apart from the quality, the design of your website and your way of presenting the content also matters a lot. If it is not natural then many difficulties and questions regarding your website might arise. This will make it difficult for users to understand.


These are the top nine web application development company which sum up the popular trends and their importance for the upcoming years. One can easily design a pretty and useful website by following the above-mentioned techniques. A website designer should only concentrate on things which are important to the users. Before the competition gets even tougher, you need to make sure that you dedicate yourself top to toe in learning and mastering all the important techniques used in this field of work. Working with these advanced techniques will surely bring your company a great deal of professionalism in the field of web development.

By simply thinking about the suggestions concerning effective web designing techniques mentioned here, you will be able to grow a valuable and interesting website

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