HDFC Click to Protect Plus — A Review of the Policy

We all want insurance policies for ourselves and our families. To buy such insurance plans, we must first be acquainted with all the aspects of the project/plan. You must carefully scrutinize each policy and then choose.

HDFC Life offers the HDFC Life Click to Protect Plus insurance plan. It is beneficial as it comes with additional riders and pays quite a lump sum amount of money.

You might want to go through the details of this policy.

Overview of The HDFC Life Click to Protect Plus Plan

The HDFC Click to Protect Plus insurance policy is quite profitable and helpful. It protects and secures your life. This insurance policy gives a fairly large amount of life cover for considerably fewer premiums.

Why Buy HDFC Life Click to Protect Plus?

HDFC Life Click to Protect Plus is an insurance plan which not pays you lump sum amount of money, but also comes with attached riders. It also gives you the accidental death benefit.

Further, it is online and easy to purchase with just one click. It is quick and cheap benefit plan for a safe future.

Features And Benefits Of The Insurance Plan

HDFC Life Click to Protect Plus offers its customer the following additional features which make this a better choice of insurance plan.

· Accidental Death Benefit: This insurance policy pays out accidental death benefit along with the sum assured in case of the policy holder’s death due to the accident.

· Life Stage Protection Feature: Under this feature, the policy provides you an option to increase your insurance cover on certain events like marriage and child birth. It does not require you to go through a fresh medical test.

The benefits of this insurance plan are as follows:

· Death Benefit: In the case of unfortunate death of the policyholder, the nominee will receive the following death benefits:

§ Single Premium Policy; higher of: 1. 125% of Single Premium, 2. Sum Assured

§ Regular Premium Policy; higher of: 1. 10 times the annual premium, 2. 105% of all the premiums paid till date of death, 3. Sum Assured

§ Income Option: 1. 10% of the Death Benefit, 2: Remaining 90% paid as monthly income over the coming 15 years

§ Income Plus Option: 1. 100% of the Death Benefit, 2. For 10 years, a monthly income of 0.5% of the Sum Assured, 3. This can be increased at 10% p.a or simply be level as chosen by the insured.

· Tax Benefit: This insurance policy gives the holder tax benefits under section 80c. It also provides tax benefits under Section 10(10D).

Exclusions For The Plan

While looking into the scheme, you must look into the exclusions of the insurance policy as well. The exclusions are mainly regarding the accidental death benefit offered by the Click 2 Protect Plus Plan.

· The HDFC Life Click to Protect Plus insurance policy will not give the benefits of accidental death to the nominee in case of suicide.

· The insurance coverage will not pay the accidental death benefit if the passing of the insured occurs when 180 days have already passed since the accident.

· If the insured dies due to involvement in any criminal activity, the accidental death benefit will not be paid.

· It will also not be paid if the death is caused due to war or riot or invasion.

· This plan gives you no maturity benefit.

Required Documents And Information

While filling out the forms for the HDFC Life Click to Protect Plus policy, you just need to provide your residential information and personal information. These are pretty much required for every official work.

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