GSoC’ 18 with Sugar Labs

Wohoo! I have been selected to work on the Say no to GTK+ 2 project as part of the Google Summer of Code 2018. I am very excited to work with Sugar Labs this summer. Thanks to GSoC, Google and Sugar Labs for providing me such a great opportunity.

The proposal for the project can be found here
Sugar Labs® is a volunteer-driven member project of Software Freedom Conservancy, a nonprofit corporation. Originally part of the One Laptop Per Child project, Sugar Labs coordinates volunteers around the world who are passionate about providing educational opportunities to children through the Sugar Learning Platform.


Just say no to GTK+ 2

As the world changes, Sugar cannot stand still. If the platforms we depend upon drop support for the version tools we are using, then we have to update our work so that it remains compatible.

With the end of GTK+ 2 and GStreamer 0.10, we need to upgrade the activities with these dependencies. The purpose of this project is to port dependencies of 25 Sugar activities to “GTK+ 3 and GStreamer 1.0”. The task is accompanied by updating to the latest version of sugargame and Sugar Toolkit. This project ensures better performance and long-term support for these sugar activities.

My Mentors:

Work Done:

I was one of the early birds who started contributing in December. I had made a total of 71 commits before the submission of proposal. Here is the list of all my commits. Most of my work was based on ‘porting to GTK+ 3’ (which is also my GSoC project) and fixing bugs on Sugar Activities.

Task for Next Week:

I will be writing a detailed workflow for porting sugar activities from GTK+2 to GTK+ 3. It will follow some trivial steps that I will follow during porting of each activity.

Looking forward to an amazing summer. cheers!