We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made.
Jonathan Solórzano-Hamilton

Sounds like everyone involved should take a nice, long, relaxing vacation. In Rick’s Rolling Holiday Home.

Of course now with the ability to buy or rent solutions to many otherwise time-draining efforts of little reward or progress to show for, there would be another problem for Rick to solve positively. This is especially so because he did not maximize the ROI of the time and energy and resources everyone put into helping Rick get his own personal party wagon / recreational vehicle to road trip around the Code-Tree.

And so now Rick’s splendorous diesel-driven domicile is neglected, even tossed out, like so much refuse, and you have wasted all of that time, energy and resources … for what? A glorious post on Medium? (and it is Great!) What a waste.

Alas poor Rick must now solve the increase-in-vacation-time problem.

I suggest that the explosive events would have been nipped in the bud, if Rick, his managers and team mates would have had the necessary conversations years earlier. It would have saved time, energy, resources, and Rick might still be a happy, productive, brilliant and collaborative member of the company.

In short, rather than solve a problem in a collaborative way betwixt the conflicting parties, you basically suffered through and then retold a sad case of codfefe.