My Digital Marketer’s Journey Begins, Here!

Start with something small. As small as greeting each and every single person you come across. Or say thank you to one and all. Or better, start loving yourself — Yes, self-love and admiration is difficult to start with, but has real power! Start acting as per your feelings; start realizing; start appreciating; start listening to others without judging; start helping others without asking anything in return.

“Let people feel your raw emotions.

Why you should read it?

You may be in the same storm, trying to find your way out, waiting for that guiding light, which you have still not found. I may not be the same guiding light but I may be the one who can show you where you may find one. As I certainly know, that we are all in the same storm but not in the same boat.

Rather than going to the office, getting into hot discussions on goal settings and strategies, we all are spending more time with ourselves and our family, in these testing times. Retrospecting about my career, it came to me as a surprise that after having a career span of 12+ years in the field of Marketing and Branding, I had never thought of working on personal branding. This means spending more time on building myself as a brand, so that more people, apart from the people I work with, shall get to know me as a person, along with my work credibility. Apart from just the word-of-mouth credentials, the need of the hour is to have various portals and mediums that will promote me.

We all have this notion of “one size fits all” and hence, keep doing our routine mundane jobs without any self-development. Bogged down with our responsibilities, we hardly try experimenting and exploring various possibilities and avenues for professional growth. As Kate Tempest has once said, “If you ever feel comfortable in what you’re producing, you’ve lost. You’re not alive, that’s it, it’s stagnant water”.

So here I am, trying to keep myself moving, to explore and implement my learnings.

Who Am I?

I am Yasha Shripad, wife of a Superhuman. A Pilot turned Engineer turned Management Professional, currently an expert in Branding and Communications, with 12+years of experience. I have helped MNCs, Hospital chains, and standalone units to build their brands. I’ve worked & strategized for them to make them the preferred brands in their targeted territories. Now I aspire to build my brand by implementing my learning and experience.

Introduction to DigitalDeepak’s Digital Marketing Internship Program:

There is nothing more to brag about the busy schedule a wife and a professional goes through their carrier. Pleasing becomes a style of life and, speaking your mind is not a choice for many. Sometimes taking a break and keeping yourselves out of this web you had spun for yourself helps.

As I am in the field of Marketing and Branding, digital marketing is part of my job profile, for which we had always hired an agency. The dependency on these agencies was so high that I had never explored this module beyond strategizing and planning calendars. Hence, I always wanted to explore and learn more in the field of digital marketing.

A few weeks back I started receiving emails on my personal id from Mr. Deepak Kanakraju on digital marketing basics. They caught my attention as the mails had links to his video tutorial and absolutely no formalities apart from a valid login. Hence, I joined and was quite impressed with the way he explained the basics and all the DM modules. In the process of exploring & learning, I registered for his webinar on an internship. This was so as you can watch many videos, but it won’t be useful until and unless you try and implement what you have learned. And It’s a rare chance of doing practical projects along with your mentor, online.

It was quite motivating that he extended a helping hand, as a friend, and took charge to accompany us on this journey.

Introduction to DigitalDeepak:

Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju, a Civil Engineer turned Blogger turned Digital Marketer, is the owner of Pixeltrack. He started his journey as a blogger about motorcycles and later as a digital marketing manager in several startups such as Exotel, Practo, Instamojo, and Razorpay. Today he is one of the most renowned Digital Marketing professionals and influencers in India. He owns a company called Pixeltrack. He also has a blog which is Apart from that he is the author of the book, “Edge of Sanity”, a public speaker and a columnist at and Yourstory.

This internship program is his new initiative for aspiring digital Marketers, and I have enrolled in this to establish myself as a blogger. I am not an eloquent speaker or writer, but still want to become a blogger and establish my personal brand “MeYasha”.

Overview and highlights from 1st Session:

This concept basically deals in narrowing down your niche, as the market is ever-expanding as solutions to needs give rise to new needs. Hence, an infinite number of niches are available.

With the failing markets and rising volatility, to be successful in business, it’s really important for us to have an understanding of Global Economics. Especially, understanding of how debt creates money. Debt enhances money circulation in the market, which helps the economy to stabilize. Hence, we shouldn’t be worried about the recession, as people will always pay for valuable services. That is why value generators can withhold in a storm;

Some references recommended by him are Economics 101, Currency Wars, Paul Krugman, Raghuram Rajan, Adam Smith, etc.

Powerful content is key to the success of any blog or website or any entrepreneur initiative. To create the same it is quite important to master the communication and writing skills.

· Read a lot, at least 30mins a day (start with simple books and move to complex ones)

· Start thinking in English, rather thinking in your native language

· Listen to podcasts at least 30mins a day

· Write a lot, start with writing 500words a day. Start with a personal blog.

· Watch English Sitcoms (The Office, Seinfeld, Silicon Valley, Mad Men, Friends, Breaking Bad & More)

· Watch stand-up comedy shows to learn the culture and local slangs

What is the future of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing will not die because marketing will never become obsolete. As needs and products keep going up, you need ways to market them.

Digital Marketing deciphered:

Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing

Technology enables the marketing of products and services; ways can change but marketing will be always needed. And Digital Marketing is the simplest way to market and adapt.

How Integrated Digital Marketing Works?

Creating content is the first step to start integrating all the digital marketing modules, which will help you build your tribe. Content will generate traction to SEO traffic, after which you need to start building social media and email marketing strategy around it. Integrating paid advertisements will boost sales and generate conversion.

How to Select Your Niche?

Golden formula to derive your niche:

Passion + Talent + Market Opportunity = Your Niche

Trending niches are Health, Wealth, Lifestyle & Relationship.

How to find market demand?

· Use Google Auto Suggest


· Look for Amazon Reviews

· “Scratch your own itch” refers to find out the profitable niches, start market research with your own problems and how did you find solutions. If you could not find a solution, maybe others are looking for the same

· Talk to Customers

· Look for pre and post product/ services of the other products

· Stop trying to fit in, don’t hesitate and have fear of standing out

· Publish content in different forms — with more content, you will “own more of the internet space”.

· Your Style, your tribe

· People want to hear from people, not from brands

· You can get a job, close a client, or build your own consulting/ training business.

· It’s cool to be known by other people. Build your own fame within a community

· Write, publish videos, do public speaking

How does the Funnel Works?

The funnel helps in building trust; it needs to be automated. To initialize start giving free content, this will eventually help in building your tribe. As you move down the funnel. It will help you get your brand ambassadors and advocates.

Way Forward

The whole session was quite informative and enlightening. The way he explained and motivated us was quite impressive. I am quite excited to attend the upcoming sessions and work on the new assignments. I hope that I have completed my first challenge successfully by working on this article/blog.

It will be my pleasure to get feedback and pointers on ways of improving this blog, as this is my first ever attempt of writing about my learnings.

Thanks for reading. Keep writing and Keep Smiling 😊

Yasha Shripad

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