Let’s Cut to the Chase!

The most beautiful part about writing is that the writer can vividly depict a scene without it being too gaudy for the reader’s liking because the writer is like the guide in a fort, he throws light at every nook and corner of the fort, he unfolds every secret, in the correct way and at the right moment but sometimes leaves a story at such a point where curiosity kills the cat. Here the story does not prove to be the greater one but the mind of the reader whose imagination amazes itself. Anyhow, I am not here for that. I am here to cut to the chase. Feels like I should make a series out of it since it sounds so legen-I am- not- going- to -insert- what -you- thought- I- would but -dary.

I am going to be touching down upon some of the stereotypical aspects of situations on the internet and generally, in person which I have come across:

Mediocrity in diversity:

The quality of mediocrity is common amongst the human race but also the feeling of not being mediocre and behaving like everybody around you is, is common too.

we are not tied by the string of unity but by the string of mediocrity, what’s interesting is that we can break free from it quite easily.

If thought were copyrightable you’d be forced to think differently.

Think different, does not matter big or small.

Moral: Be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Celebrity Net Worth:

The most Googled question of all times:

How much does an artist make (YouTuber, singers, actors, you get the drill)

The most common misconception of people is people who make YouTube videos get ‘easy money’.

The people who got on the wagon early were lucky enough to improve themselves with time.

You have to accept it, it is a potential job opportunity for some of them and it does require hard work, it’s all fun and games till you have millions of subscribers. Besides, even after doing the most fun thing over and over again makes it difficult, because it is then that the person learns the techniques and becomes meticulous and the will to keep up with quality increases.

Moral: Do not compare your self worth other people’s net worth, do not try to find the ratio of their age to income with yours. try to match the magnitude of their passion instead.


Yes, you read it right.

Everybody loves Pizza, nobody ignores a ‘Pizza Post’, One could ignore a chain message or a picture which says hit like for Jesus and ignore for Satan or even ignore a candy crush request. Actually, no. Let’s not get there but without fail an average person on the internet will share/ profile or atleast forward a post (meme) which has Pizza. I understand people’s love for Pizza. I love it too but I think all over the internet, it is made to look ‘okay’, if you are not trying to be fit. At this point I can see Anti-Body Shaming warriors appear from a distance with swords of ‘not asking people to look a certain way’ or ‘not to pull anyone down just because they are fat or skinny’

So what is Body Shaming? :

The definition of body shaming is the practice of making critical, potentially humiliating comments about a person’s body size or weight.

My point here is:

1: There is no harm in educating people to be conscious about their unhealthy eating habits.

2: I am not bringing weight into picture here at all.

3: We all know for a fact that the concept of body shaming was introduced for the people suffering from eating disorders, which was increasing rapidly but let’s be real, we mask our laziness and the love for calories behind such posts on the internet. It is almost like we are not standing up for the people suffering from this disorder but distorting the message in such a way that depicts it is okay to be unhealthy.

I bet Popeye isn’t happy in heaven when he looks at us lol

Moral: Control and roll (Pun intended)


We plan our day directly or indirectly and one of the most efficient ways to plan is to make a To-Do List.


You know the horrible feeling you get when you fail to complete all your work, well sometimes it is due to some genuine mishap but it is also easy for us to get distracted and procrastinate.

I have come up with a way so that you can save yourself from the embarrassment of not striking off your “To-Do List”.

Instead of a To-Do List, make a “Things I will not do because of procrastination list” because that will be the only list which will compel you do things and push you. It is often noticed that we react more to pressure.BY NO WAY does this mean to drag your self esteem down.Above all, keep your list realistic and remember it is simple but not easy.

Moral: This is the youngest you can be. Make stuff happen.

A World Beyond Social Media:

Just like we have different Planets, Galaxies and Universe. There is definitely a world beyond social media. I am not against social media but I believe they should be used in small dozes. These are a few of the websites that I know of and have loved. The internet is God and Google is a blessing, these websites have genuinely helped me pick up something I had no clue about.

(I am not sponsored or paid in any form to mention these links)

http://www.codecademy.com [Free]

http://www.coursera.org [Free/Paid]

https://www.udacity.com [Free/Paid]

Medium (App) [Free]

Moral: I do not know if Aliens exist in the universe but education does, on the internet.

As easy as it is to say ‘Idea’ as simple is it is to give one:

An idea can pop up in any person’s head, it is not necessary for a person to have a degree for common sense and also a specific degree should not limit a person’s thinking ability.

A person with an idea must pass it on the concerned body, regardless of the nature of the idea.

It can change the way we live, it can save lives or even become an inspiration for another brilliant idea.

Moral: An idea has no birth place.

That’s all for now.

Peace out x