Policy of Honesty.

Story time!

There were two very beautiful ladies, named Truth and Lie. Although they had different personalities, different ways to tackle situations, they were friends. They were talking to each other about the number of lovers they both had. In no time the conversation turned into an argument. They started debating over their features.

Lie, with pride let her glossy, ombre hair open which looked nothing less than the fading evening sky, enhancing the beauty of her face, her eyes reflected confidence which was very pleasing. Pauses bought in her speech were silver tongued.

Truth, on the other hand had long beautiful curly hair which deeply reflected her personality which was knowing that situations could be twisty, growing out of it was the only solution. Her hands were not the softest, yet looked delicate. her voice was not as good as Lie’s but was still liked to be heard. She was innocent and optimistic.

They both set a task for them to complete successfully. They had to walk down the town and see how many people would follow them. Lie went first, She decided to put on a dress, she let her hair down, made frequent eye contact with the passing public, lured them with her ever so lovely voice and soon she had a ton of people following her.

Truth, being as optimistic as could be decided to do something better, rather different. She witnessed for herself how people were attracted to beauty so she decided to walk naked straight down the town to attract more people than Lie, she started walking, people watched her as she expected and some even followed but more than half of the people were surprise at the act and took a step back, shut their doors and just ignored her.

After the walk ended, Truth was disheartened because Lie had won. Lie did nothing but laugh at truth and said. I wore the most shimmery dress, used my charm which made them follow me. you on the other hand went straight up assuring them that you had nothing but your features to show, which made them lose confidence in you.

Here the moral of the story is the Lie could be deceivingly attractive but truth cannot be made attractive by sugar coating it, it is what it is.

Life is going to be full of truths and lies, You have to learn to deal with it

If you’re lied to, then try sorting it out and forgetting it.

Remember do not carry a bad memory or incident, what is gone is gone. What is done cannot be undone. So try looking for corrective measures.

Life is so freaking short! What date, month and year it is right now can NEVER come back.

So don’t forgive, laugh it off, take it as a lesson and move the hell on.

Use time to its full potential, every decision you take changes your future and God knows which adventure turns into an amazing story ! :)