You called me over after all those days..

You said you wanted to talk..

'He loves me..he does..' I smiled, after ages..

Meet we did..and you shooed me away..

'But aren't we a thing? Aren't we in love?'

' Not anymore.. it's not happening' you yelled.

'Why won't you look me in the eyes?'

I still shooed me away..

I wrapped my arms around you and hugged you..

You pushed me away..

The hug broke, and so did my heart.. again.

'Why then would you call me over?' I broke down..

'Stop. Just leave' you snapped

I hardly stepped outside the door..

And you shut the door on my face.

Every cell in my body broke down into a million pieces..

I sat there sobbing waiting for you to open the door..

For you to pull me closer and hug me back to life..

I ran out of tears.

With trembling hands and wobbly feet I got up and ran..

I ran with a thousand memories!

I ran as fast as my wobbly feet would take me..

I fell.. scratched a knee.. brokedown..

There I was, lying on the middle of the road..

Helpless. Scared. Wounded. Alone.

I was broken. Broken beyond repair.

You were not coming back..

You were not going to help me up..

I got up and ran again.. ran for my life..

This was not how I wanted it to be..I ran.

I fell again...I got up!

Dusted my pants and ran faster..

You had given up on me, yes!

I couldn't, too..I needed myself.

I ran..

Fixing my broken heart, with every step!

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