Pick up the best makeup artist for your wedding

So you are getting married and naturally very excited about it. Wedding day is the most important day in the life of a girl. This is the day you are going to cherish all your life when you looked stunning and everyone complimented you for your dress and makeup. And why not for you made all the effort to choose everything from Lehenga to jewelry so painstakingly, hopping from shop to shop. You even booked the wedding photographer in advance to avoid that wedding season rush. But did you care enough to pick the makeup artist in time as well?

Most people do not keep it on their priority list and leave it for the last minute as they feel makeup artist would be anyway available as there is no dearth of beauty parlors. This would indeed be a folly for so much depends on the makeup artist. In fact, everything starts and ends with your look. The pictures that would be shot are all about your look and admiration is what you are going to get from everyone. The makeup artists in India know it and work diligently to give you that on your wedding day.

Do some research before you book a makeup artist in India

So first thumb rule to pick a makeup artist in India is to plan well in advance. In India, weddings take place in a season and not throughout the year so naturally, some days are busy days as a lot of weddings are going to take place on that day. Just browse through the makeup artist profiles and their websites to zero in on the one you like for his work. After that, it would be a good idea to meet him personally and know about his or her clients, charges, products he uses and his style of working. If all that looks good book him.

Trial run is an excellent idea

Secondly, it would indeed be a good idea to have a trial run before the real day. You can ask your makeup artist to give you the makeup that matches your dress, jewelry, and your style. Though this would mean some extra bucks but that would ensure you look best on your wedding day as you would have all the time on the trial day to experiment with different make ups and take feedback from your family and friends. This would also make you familiar with his work style and make you comfortable with him or her. Makeup artists in Delhi and NCR is a skilled lot they also make you feel comfortable and give you a patient hearing.

Another reason for booking a makeup artist in advance is that it would also make both of you familiar with each other’s preferences and can exchange various looks and makeup patterns that could be tried.

Next, when you decide to go for a makeup artist in Delhi and NCR you also got to decide the term and conditions with him. What he would be providing and what you are going to arrange should be clear from the very beginning. You would do well to get your facial done at least a couple of days before the wedding if not a week so that your skin gets time to flourish. If your makeup artist agrees to give it to you fine enough else you have to arrange for it separately.

Also make sure to decide the time when the makeup would be done on the wedding day, too early or too late would be disastrous, especially in summers. Makeup artists in India know this and give you the right time so keep that time. You should call your makeup artist or visit him at least six hours to give him enough time to complete his work in time.

Last but not the least, keep trust in your makeup artist as you have chosen him after due consideration. Communicate with him and all will be well. Makeup artists in Delhi and NCR would not let you down. You are going to have a great wedding!