Why buying a smart air quality monitor is a smart idea

As the monsoon retreats in north India and the winter sets in, it is time once again to gear up to face the menace of air pollution on a gigantic scale. In fact, this is a routine that we all go through year after year. The winter smog that is not only true of India but many other countries including China and United States is making people sick, very very sick all across the globe. An estimated more than 1.2 million people die of air pollution in India; an Indian succumbs to deadly air every two minutes!

In fact pollution claims more lives than any other factor. This can lead to enormous costs, in money, and in human lives. In Europe alone, air pollution is estimated to kill 300,000 people prematurely each year, and in India, it is billed to be over 8.5% of our GDP. In 2015 81,000 people died in Delhi and Mumbai alone and the cost of treating diseases due to air pollution was staggering Rs.70, 000 crores.

More often these days we see the news pictures of smog in metros — the air is thick, yellow, it even dims the sunlight. But even air that looks clean sometimes isn’t. It can be filled with tiny, dangerous particulate matter — no more than 2.5 microns across, but just as deadly as visible contaminants. It’s hardly surprising that countries around the globe are becoming more serious about tackling this issue.

The governments take their own time to curb such menaces. But what we as an individual can do fight this deadly monster though invisible. The worst part of the problem is that air pollution is everywhere even in our homes and offices where we spent most of our time. People often confuse the air pollution with the visible form of air pollution such as dust and smoke but the real threat is from the invisible air pollution such as particulate matter 2.5 or PM 2.5 for short which seeps into our system undetected and mixes in blood to permanently damage our internal organs. This could lead to kidney failure, liver damage, heart diseases and even cancer.

The only way it can be curbed is by first detecting the presence of PM 2.5 and then eliminating the factors that lead to PM 2.5. Therefore monitoring the air quality at home should be our first priority in our fight against air pollution. Smart Air Quality Monitors are now becoming common in metros. The Laser Egg, a neat portable device that measures air quality. It is a very effective way of monitoring the air quality indoors. It is Smart Air Quality Monitor marketed and promoted by world-renowned Indian company Nirvana Being that has the reputation of supplying quality eco-friendly products through its online portal nirvanabeing.com.

Once you are aware of the PM 2.5 levels in your home or office premises you can then match it with the permissible limits provided by various agencies. If it is more than that, it is about time you set out to find the reason for those pollutants that are making your air toxic. It could be lack of ventilation, stored cleaning agents, dampness, kitchen smoke, and even your pet. You need to study the pattern when it is more and then take appropriate action. You would do well to buy a Room Air Purifier if the PM 2.5 levels are high or go for after all it is all about your own health and the health of your loved ones!

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