HBO Defined: The New ‘Home of the Originals’

Take a break and cherish fantastic entertainment on HBO Defoined, the new home of the originals.

When life gets too much and you seriously crave for one big, good dose of fun, HBO Defined is all you need! The channel has showcased some of the finest movies and TV series from different genre ranging from horror to romance, thriller to fantasy. HBO Defined also has the credits to bring the best of HBO Originals series to the Indian Television at much closer dates to their U.S. air dates. With series like Ballers, Games of Thrones, Brink, Veep, Rome, The Knick, the channel has definitely refined the standard of entertainment for all its viewers.

No winder why it’s emerging as the new ‘Home of the Originals’ for showcasing the best of HBO Originals. Your boring weekdays are going to get super exciting as HBO Defined is up with a scrumptious platter of some of the finest series like Banshee, Profugos, Hello ladies, etc. this month. So, forget all the worries of your tiring work and be ready on your couch to enjoy some of the most invigorating series.

Banshee is a high octane action series, where an ex-con and thief impersonates the identity of a murdered sheriff to continue his criminal activities. Haunted by his past, he imposes his own brand of justice, only to pay the way for violence at every turn of the Amish town, Banshee, Pennsylvania.

In case action, love, schemes, passion and high drama with a tinch of drug-crime is your thing, then you just can’t afford to miss Profugos. The story is about four men, who are the drug-lord in the crime city. Watch them chase their cocaine only on HBO Defined.

Another series in charts is, Hello ladies. The story is about a gawky Englishman who travels all the way to Los Angeles to find the woman of his dreams, But will he actually land up with the right one in the shamelessly flirtatious city? Do not miss Hello Ladies to find out.

Coming up next is Strike Back, the exciting thriller about two young cops Scott and Stonebridge, who is chasing the Al-Qaeda chief Latif who is responsible for many terrorist activities.

Of all the much talked series of HBO Defined, Game of Thrones is the one which excites everybody. Game of Thrones is a perfect cocktail of fantasy, action and drama.

Adding to the list, Rome is a historical drama revealing the struggle of people and the nobles of Rome during the transition of the Roman republic to aristocratic empire.

Next in the line is something for the sports lovers; Ballers, a series centered around a group of former and current soccer players and their families.

The Brink is a comical series, which is a story of 3 men dealing with a geopolitical crisis to prevent another world war from happening. Sit back and be ready for some laughing attacks.

After this, it’s Veep; the story of a former senator who lands up being the Vice President of United States only to discover that it’s not a piece of cake.

These series are just a few names in the long list of everlasting entertainment. HBO Defined justifies its image of ‘Home of Originals’ offering 100% ad-free entertainment.

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