The Olympics, “The Great Games”, as they have been called over the years, have finally arrived and undoubtedly taken the centre stage. Just a few weeks earlier, Olympics was surrounded by a buzz of uncertainty and fear caused by the unstable Brazilian economy and the growing threat of the deadly zika virus. But, as they say, “ The Great Games are here to say”!
Unlike the whole world, who has set its eyes on the Maracana Stadium in Rio and are greatly anticipated about the 28-day long extravaganza to follow, we Indians don’t seem too excited. As in the case of a cricket world cup or a cricketing premier league, here in India, gossips start tailing around in every part of this large diaspora months before it’s start. Similar is the case with the opening ceremony, if for a cricketing event, is watched by us Indians alike a Bollywood awards show.
No doubt, the Olympics opening ceremony which took place last night at The Maracana, halfway across the globe was even bigger and a worth watch. But it seemed as if it couldn’t impress us Indians as we preferred catching up with our daily horoscopes, sipping in hot tea.
Apart from the fact that we Indians haven’t been able to reach the satisfactory standard in the Olympic games, as we are expected to, alike our strong competitors like China, It is also true that we have a 118 member, largest till date contingent competing this time. Including various factors that are responsible for our under-performance in the games, one that hides amongst all and is the most important of them all, is our lack of involvement in the games, as a nation. The least we can do as an individual, is to get excited and involved in this grand event. If this happens, we are certainly hopeful of an Indian Olympic glory which will not be very far away.

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