Are You In Two Minds, When it Comes To Applying For Android Developer Jobs?

Your current job with an IT giant, might make you skeptical about your job change or to go for a profile change. As an IT professional, the skills that you are armed with make you eligible to apply for a relatively new job domain, called Android Developer Jobs.

Yes, I am going to share with you the in’s & out’s of android developer jobs which will help you, clear the cloud in your mind and start your android developer job search.

Why should You Learn Android Development ?
Talking about the smartphone user base of India which is reported at around 950 million users and is the fastest growing user base across the world. This rapid rise in the smartphone user base, has led businesses and organizations to target the smartphone user base.

To target the audiences on smartphone platforms, apps are the medium that help a business to market its product or services. Hence, to channelize the increase in penetration android developer jobs have grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years, along with pay packages that are well above the ones offered by IT giants.

What Makes You the Right Cut Out?
Being an IT professional, you are armed with the skills and abilities to perform the tasks assigned to you as an android professional, efficiently and smoothly. Android developer jobs require an analytical bent of mind along with logical reasoning skills, which you have mastered in all these years as an IT professional.

Your past experience in software development or application programming, shall be of real value only when you have worked with languages like JAVA/J2EE, as JAVA is the language used for Android app development.

Other possibilities
Android developer jobs are not only meant for those who have experience of writing codes. To test and ensure the quality of code written to come up with an app, Quality Analysts or Testers are hired. Those with prior experience in Software Testing or Quality Analysis, have favorable prospects of landing with a high-paying jobs in this nascent job domain.

Detailed knowledge of Android SDK and OS platforms, is what you would need to develop in your skill set. As you would need to test the codes on a macroscopic level making it highly essential for you to know the concepts of programming, at the back of your hand along with deep know-how of OS platforms.

Strengthen Your Candidature
You might be wondering, how will you prove your skills which would lead to a job offer. Well, for that you can start developing your own app, right from the scratch. You can do this by downloading Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and get started.

Once you app is live on the Playstore you can put it across to a prospective employer. However, when conceptualizing an app, be it a messaging app, a game or a service, make sure that your idea is unique and fresh along with features that solve real world problems.

Android Developer jobs are for those with creative bent of mind and a constant urge to innovate, unlike a desk job in an IT giant. If you have a strong desire to create, then these jobs are the right platform for you, as it will not only allow you to create apps that become an indispensable part of a users life but shall also serve you with deep sense of job satisfaction.

Since, you know the highlights of android developer jobs, you must waste no time and start sending your application for open positions on CareerBuilder India.

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