A boy who thought he had brushed

There was once a little boy named Joy and he never liked to go to school because he wanted to play all the time. Every morning his mother would try to wake him up early to get ready for school but he would just not want to get out of bed. So after many months his mother gave up and stopped waking him up. But then Joy started getting up late and would get punished in school for being late. Then Joy had to somehow wake up early and get to school on time so he started practicing waking up early. This time he told his mother he didn’t need her to wake him up since he was going to do it all by himself. After few days, Joy was happy that he was waking up early and going to school on time but even then he would get punished for coming late. He couldn’t understand what was happening. After few more days he realized that he was actually dreaming about waking up early and brushing his teeth and getting ready to reach school on time while he was actually still in bed tucked into his blanket. That’s why Joy was the boy who thought he had brushed but never actually did.