A Bug with Questions

There was once a tiny little bug who loved to make new friends wherever he went. He liked meeting new friends and spend time just being happy. He was a harmless little brown bug who could fly little bit and hop around. He traveled to many places far away from his home to find food and make new friends. One day he reached the house of Mr. Hobson who lived alone with his pet dog called Ruff. As always the bug was happy to see this new house and was eager to meet Mr. Hobson and make a new friend. He first met Ruff on the way inside the house but saw that Ruff was a very lazy dog who just didn’t care who was coming into the house. So the bug went inside looking around was happy to see Mr. Hobson sitting in a chair reading the newspaper.

The bug walked up to him to say hello but he was surprised by Mr. Hobson’s reaction. Mr. Hobson screamed out loud and tried to shoo away the bug with his newspaper. The bug was shocked and sad at the way Mr. Hobson had treated a guest at his house and wondered why he did what he did.

So the bug ran out of the house to save himself and looked for a safe place in the garden nearby. There he met Jon. Now Jon was a huge fella. He mooed and walked slowly and was always chewing something. Jon was a big buffalo. The bug thought he would be safe with Jon so he went to him and sat on his face wanting to say hello! Jon hardly noticed him around as the bug was so small.

So the bug had to fly around in front of Jon’s eyes and make some sounds to get his attention. Once Jon saw him he didn’t say much and continued to chew and walk along the garden looking for some fresh juicy grass to munch on. The bug was very irritated with Mr. Hobson and wanted to talk to Jon about it. So the bug asked Jon that he always felt welcomed by everyone who he met but when he met Mr. Hobson he almost got swatted. Jon let out a loud and long moo and guffawed loudly in sarcasm and said ‘Don’t you know little fella, Mr. Hobson is a human, and humans are the most paranoid and non-trusting animals on earth! So please don’t take it to heart. You can always meet others and make new friends with those who are friendly and leave Mr. Hobson to his worries because it his nature not to trust’. The bug then understood that sometimes its better to be cordial from a distance with those who don’t recognize harmless friendly love. The bug then thanked Jon and flipped away to another place looking for food and friends!