A brave little cat in a big city

Once there was a hungry little kitten called ‘Lucy’ who had lost her way trying to find food. She was alone in a big city called ‘Kunshu’ which had hundreds of big shiny cars on its roads and very tall buildings. Lucy was a brave little kitten. Every morning after waking up, she brushed her little white and sharp teeth and went looking for food near her house. One day while she was searching for food she entered a street full of cars that were moving very fast. First Lucy got scared and tried to run away. But she suddenly saw that there was a delicious looking fish in the middle of the road. ‘I have to get that tasty fish’ she said to herself and like a brave little kitten she jumped on the road and quickly picked up the fish in her mouth and ran across to the other side of the road without getting hurt. Happily she ate the fish and thanked god for protecting her. Now Lucy was sleepy and she wanted to rest. So she found a little corner under a big mango tree which was near a big yellow colour house. She felt safe there and off she went to sleep. It was evening time already and she was suddenly woken up by some noise coming from behind the tree. She saw a group of little boys playing with a wooden stick and a small bouncy ball. She was very excited and happy to see them and wanted to go and play with the little boys. She had forgotten that she was just a little kitten who could not play with boys who were so much bigger than her. She was so small that she could fit into a small boy’s shoe. But she was very cute because she had a pretty little pink ears and a pink nose. She had soft white fur and had sparkling green eyes. Her little paws had light brown fur on it which she always kept clean by licking them all the time.

Sipping away quietly

So once again, the brave little Lucy went to play with the boys. One boy hit the ball with the wooden stick and the ball went flying to Lucy. Lucy was brave so she jumped to stop the ball with her little paws. Lucy stopped the ball without getting scared of being hurt. She then kicked the ball back to the boys and the boys continued to play their game. Lucy continued to help the boys to find their ball. After some time Lucy got tired and thirsty. Once again, she went around the field in search of water and she saw a water fountain with sparkling water flowing from it. Lucy’s throat had become dry and she could not wait any more to drink water from the fountain. So she ran across the ground to reach the fountain but when she came near it she saw there were many people and children sitting around the fountain enjoying the cool spray of water in the hot sun above in the sky. ‘How will I get to drink water now?’ she thought to herself. She again felt brave and slowly started tip-toeing towards the water fountain not letting anyone notice her. She was scared again but was being brave because she had to quench her thirst. Quietly she walked under the edge of the fountain crisscrossing between the legs of so many people sitting above. She had to be careful not to brush anyone’s leg. Then she quietly climbed the fountain and lowered her head into the little pond and went ‘gulp, gulp, gulp’ drinking the cool water from the fountain. Once she was full she quickly jumped from the edge of the fountain on to the footpath. This scared many people and children and they all got up in fright. She looked back at them and smiled and once again went back to her house to take a nap. Lucy, the brave little kitten felt very happy that she got to do so many things in one day without getting scared. Lucy then went to her house and took a nice long nap and went to sleep with a big smile on her face!