Mister Twister

The Amazing Rubber-band

Mister Twister — the amazing rubber-band could do anything he wanted. He could go anywhere he wanted. He could bend down or stretch backwards and nothing would happen to him. He can use his body to catch things and throw them back again. If he stretched real hard and tickled his tummy, he could play music like a guitar!

He could tie up anything he wanted. He could hold a hundred pages between his legs or lift a bundle of files so easily.

Mr. Twister was very helpful. He always tried to keep things neat and tidy. He was always the first to help Mom keep the fruits and vegetables tightly packed in the fridge. Some times he also helped Dad to keep his old socks up above the ankles. He helped my Mom keep her hair tied together when she needed to cook food in the kitchen. He also helped me keep my things together so I don’t lose them or forget where I have kept them.

Mister Twister was very strong. One day he saved my cat from drowning in the swimming pool. One day me cat fell into a pool and Mister Twister was passing by. He immediately sprung himself to the pool and locked his hands in the cats little nails while his legs were tightly curled around the flag pole next to the pool. My cat was saved as she climbed back holding Mister Twister’s hand as he bounced back above and out of the pool.

Mister Twister is always happy and bouncing around and he loves to stretch himself for anyone and anything. I love you Mister Twister!

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