Mr. Fink

The Pen who loved fountain ink

Mr. Fink was a fountain pen who had a long life and never got old. He had seen many pens come and go but he never lost hope because he loved his fountain ink. Nobody wanted to give work to Mr. Fink because there were new, smarter, faster and younger workers who did not need so much money. There were many different types of workers but the strongest and fastest were only two. One was called the Jellzy and the other was called the Balltic people. Jellzy could work without stopping or getting tired. The Balltic worked in super-fast speed and did took very little money. So, Mr. Fink who loved his ink so much thought to himself ‘why don’t people love me anymore?!’, and he remembered what his father had told him. His father had told him that as long as there are people, there will be pens! He felt he needs to show his love for ink to all the people by working hard to show how special and useful he can be.

He decided that he will work non-stop for anyone who needs something written. So he went to many homes asking people and children if he can help. He helped many children to write their homework and many big people to write their letters. He took part in circus and comedy shows where he drank big tanks full of ink and never stopped working like the Jellzy or the Balltic people.

He showed the people how he can live without any ink in his body and can work for days just by having few drops of ink on his tongue.

He swam rivers and ponds and never drowned even once. He went to the highest mountains and the coldest places in the world to show nothing happened to him.

After some time everyone started seeing how much Mr. Fink loved his ink and asked him to stop doing so many things to show them.

Then slowly people started paying Mr. Fink to get their work done and what a fine job he did. Everyone became happy and even the Jellzy’s and the Balltic workers accepted Mr. Fink as their senior and allowed him to work with them.

Today Mr. Fink has made a lot of money and since he is such a kind gem of a pen, he has gifted fountain pens like him to so many school children. Mr. Fink is going to open his own factory of fountain ink which will keep making ink till Mr. Fink is alive. That means, fountain ink will always be there because Mr. Fink never goes away!