The watch who was never on time

There was once a happy little watch and his name was Tick. Tick was a very smart watch but he could never be on time. He was always running late and he did not know why. He hurried and hurried for everything but he could never be on time. One day, Ticks cousin Tock invited him to watch a movie in his house. Tick was happy and excited to watch the movie but again he did not reach on time. Tock waited and waited for Tick to come but then Tocks mother told him it was time for homework! Tick reached Tocks house but had to go back because he was late.

One day, Ticks mother made yummy food for dinner and she told him to come to the dining table at 7 O’Clock in time for dinner! But again, Tick got late, the dinner got cold, and Ticks mother gave him a big scold! ‘Why are you late for dinner?’ asked Ticks mother. Tick was sad as he always tried hard but never reached on time.

Clowning around. Tick tries to keep up with time.

Tick thought to himself, ‘from today I am going to be on time, but what can I do to just be on time?’ Tick thought a lot and really felt bad for not being on time. Then suddenly he got an idea! Tick remembered that he was a watch and a watch should always be on time. So how could Tick know if he is going to be on time? Tick was a smart watch, so he got up from his bed and stood in front of the mirror. He laughed at himself for being so silly. All this while he has been a watch but he never once looked in the mirror to check his own time!

Next day it was time for school. So, Tick woke up early and stood in front of mirror. He saw the time was 6 O’ clock in the morning. So Tick got ready and checked his mirror again to see the time and reached his school bus stop on time at 7 o’ clock and he was in his classroom well in time for the first time. After this day, Tick was never late for anything, he was always on time!