Add Your Opinions On Top Of Content With FundaMine

FundaMine is a tool to write and share your opinions on top of any content you find on the internet.

This is how a unique link with Ayn’s opinion looks:

The side panel with Ayn’s opinion opens on clicking on “Read More”:

We would like to invite you to try out FundaMine. It enables you to:

  1. Write elaborate thoughts/opinions on news articles, blogs, reports etc. and share it with followers on Twitter (no need to limit your thoughts to 140 characters).
  2. Have a discussion thread with your opinion and followers’ comments alongside an article. This discussion and your profile will be shared whenever this link gets shared or retweeted.
  3. Engage with all your followers on a single thread instead of dealing with replies on tweets and comments on LinkedIn, Facebook or Disqus.
  4. Check out how many people clicked and viewed your shared article.

You can add your opinion on an article in two ways:

  1. Prefix to the URL of content that you want to share your opinion on, log in and start writing! For example “" becomes “".
  2. Log in to and click on the Create button.

Please check out FundaMine and let us know if you find it useful. Our product is in a very early stage and we will need your feedback to improve! :)

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