Pull Requests merged in for GSoC’19@NDCube

Yash Sharma
Aug 23 · 2 min read
Merging PRs!

This blogpost deals with all the PRs that were merged/opened in NDCube/ SunPy / Astropy for completing the project.


The PRs were filed according to the tasks allotted in the task-tab of GitHub

Merged PRs

  • PR for supporting APE14 for NDCube2.0 — Link
  • PR for getting pixel_edges along with pixel_values in axis_world_coords — Link
  • Support plotting to use pixel_edges instead of pixel_values — Link
  • Added a new build astropydev in azure-pipelines.yml file — Link
  • Fixed the failing `axis_world_coords` after a NDCube is sliced — Link
  • Support 1D plotting in NDCube using APE14 — Link
  • Support 2D plotting in NDCube using APE14 — Link
  • Fixes the bug associated with axes_coordinates — Link
  • Update the ape14_rewrite branch with the master — Link

Open PRs/Bug Fix PRs that needs to be merged

  • Support 3D plotting in NDCube using APE14 — Link
  • Support plotting in NDCubeSequence using APE14 — Link
  • Added tests for gWCS in NDCube — Link
  • Fixes a bug associated with axes_world_coords for APE14 branch — Link


Merged PRs

  • Added APE14 support in SunPy visualization — Link
  • Shifted the axis for calculation of edges_to_centers for LineAnimator — Link
  • Reverted the return arguments for ImageAnimatorWCS example — Link


Merged PRs

  • Corrected the message to work with None values in world_axis_physical_types — Link
  • Implement support for APE14 WCS in WCSAxes — Link
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Open Source Enthusiast | IITian

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