[Week 13] — Approaching the dusk — II

Yash Sharma
Aug 23 · 2 min read

This blog post deals with the entry of tasks that I did for the 13th week for the project under Google Summer of Code 2019.

Writing tests for gWCS

I started working on writing up test cases for gWCS and after having a discussion with Cadair, I thought of keeping this task on hold. I started with some cases but then Cadair advised me of getting the plotting code up and running.

Working out the NDCubeSequence — II

I had earlier made some progress with NDCubeSequence , so most of the tasks were finished as far as porting to APE14 was concerned. I started modifying the tests of NDCubeSequence and potentially opened a can of worms(or bugs!). Since I had a good understanding of the plotting code of NDCubeSequence I started fixing the areas where the conflict of data type between the old and new API was visible.

I sent a PR, but to my dismay, there were some issues with the plotting of NDCubeSequence in the master branch that wasn’t working as expected. I had a discussion with Dan my other mentor, and he suggested that I should leave the bug as it is, and should focus on wrapping up my task.

Wrapping up the project

The project was mainly changing the internal API of NDCube, so it required little to no mention in the public documentation. The change of API, however, had some changes in the docstring, so that has been worked upon.

I had a joyous time in working with my mentors, particularly Cadair , because of his bubbly nature and ability to simplify doubts for me. I will soon write up a final report on my project, and how it is working.

Until then,
Ciao Adios!

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