Foundations: 5 Week Internship or Project?

We created Foundations because we know that there’s a better way to get work experience than spending your summer getting people coffee.

What you really want to be doing during your summer is learning skills that matter, working on meaningful projects, and figuring out the things that you enjoy — and don’t enjoy — doing.

The first 7 weeks of the program help you learn a bunch of different skills (digital marketing, design, data science, web design, and software engineering) . You’re not going to be an expert in any of them, but you’re going to know what’s possible, and you’re going to learn what you like. That’s all you need to be dangerous.

The next 5 weeks help you consolidate those skills through a specific project. Here, you have a choice:

  1. Work with a small business or nonprofit selected by Foundations
  2. Work on a personal project (Podcast, Fundraiser, Blog, etc.) guided by Foundations

So which one should you do? The options are geared towards two different types of people:

  1. Business — Those who learn better with strict deadlines and requirements
  2. Project — Those who learn better with creative building and making

Neither option is inherently better than the other. We’ll work with you to make whatever you choose standout on your resume.

Option 1 will provide you with more formal guidelines for your project. For example, you could be working with Computers4Kids to improve their social media outreach efforts and digital presence. It doesn’t matter if you make a 1% improvement or a 100% improvement. What matters is working meaningfully on an impactful project.

Option 2 will provide you more flexibility, both in what you do and also what you learn. For example, you could run a fundraiser for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Or make a podcast about sustainable food solutions. Or start a blog about mental health in college. It doesn’t matter if you raise $10 or have one listener/subscriber. It matters that you did it.

Between our three founders we’ve all worked on the kinds of projects we suggest for Option 2:

  • Together We Run was a fundraiser put on over 2 months during school that raised over $9,000 to combat racial and social violence.
  • Modern Athlete is a personal fitness blog dedicated to athlete stories with over 1,000 views a month. It was made in a month.
  • BoostCville is an electric skateboard business that was launched in 2 weeks that has since exploded in growth, and was featured on MTV.
  • Cville Food Tours is a local Charlottesville food tour company that was launched in less than a month and already has significant customer interest.

This is only the beginning. The possibilities are endless. You’re welcome to propose your own project, and we’ll work with you to see if it could be a good learning experience for you.

If you want to discuss your personal goals and which option could fit you better, send me an email at