Things we shall have to build a healthy work culture 🙌

Yash Thakur
Jan 28 · 3 min read

Being a part of the startup culture for almost 5 years now I’ve realized how the work culture plays a major role in success to most of the companies and I would like to share some love and thoughts on what all could be the key points in building one kickass culture around.

1. Letting people pursue their Positive habits, every person has a specific set of good habits or good stuff that they carry along for themselves and indirectly for others as well.

Respecting that directly or indirectly boosts the productivity of the whole environment.

2. Morning sessions and discussions on all new topics or exploration are done by our own people. Help keep the mind updated, cheered up and adds into the process of innovation.

3. Healthy food updates for people according to their body, age, etc. Helping people develop good food habits, contributes to the growth of themselves and also helps you feel good around people who are positive and healthy.

4. Helping people work on something exciting.

Something other than what their job is and something which they always wanted to try or are afraid to do but curious about it. People working for u always thriving for such a beautiful future are afraid of doing it and with the collaboration of efforts if such things are easily achievable then I think the energy generated by such acts is nothing but contributing to building a powerful environment altogether.

5. Proper office timings. Very important. As a part of nature. We all have to adopt a process for ourselves like every other being on this planet. We all form a schedule of work and ethics to live around, which helps us towards growth and progress. And we all as a team contributing towards it, helps us build a very clear, focused and dedicated future. And only can then be called a culture.

6. Work will be so properly planned, that working on it would be an art. The creativity that people will contribute with would be tremendous and of course, the output that we get with such beautiful efforts would be outstanding. I would love to call our work shipment time as a timeline rather than a deadline 😄

7. Believing in not limiting people to a predefined point. Opening unexplored doors to help boost productivity. For everyone seems much more human. ❤️

Work Culture is like a beautiful fragrance to the flower of growth 🌼

8. Transparency. People doing nothing wrong, have nothing to hide. Creating a culture where every person knows their rightful place. It creates much more confidence in people doing their job. Each and everybody knows their limits and challenges and has a clear focus on what to thrive for.

9. Creating human bonds. Always thought of how beautiful it would be to know different people living different lives and creating different things. But recently saw the effect of it and learned how important it is to do that. Creating connections and bonds are necessary.

It helps each one of us be who we are. 😊👊

Yash Thakur

Written by

Product Manager | Ex — Servify (Product Engineer — Android)

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